Service Cloud

Resolve customer
issues instantly

We build Service Cloud solutions that provide user-friendly tools for addressing customer concerns quickly. Get valuable feedback, efficiently route inquiries, and provide a high level of support to keep customers coming back.  

Consistently putting users first

Integrated Touchpoints

Integrate all your service channels into one platform, so your live and AI service agents can consistently deliver effective service to your customers 24/7.

Service at Every Step

We’re experts at connecting Service Cloud across the full customer lifecycle. From marketing to sales, self-service and support, we help you keep customers at the core.

Dashboards to Drive Efficiencies

With consolidated data, supervisors can create omnichannel dashboards to get insights into their agents’ activity. This provides flexibility to manage teams and adapt on the fly.

How Service Cloud impacts
your industry

On the order management side, you’ll be able to manage a large volume of transactions directly from the same Salesforce app. Your agents can reward and inform customers, deliver exceptional service, flag accounts for potential fraud, and more.

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Service Cloud’s Einstein Bots delivered in just 7 days

Find out how we used Service Cloud to significantly reduce case volumes.

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We’ll help streamline your operations in-store and out in the field. Customize in-store activities to your customers with easy-to-use templates. Plus, create efficiencies for service reps by allowing them to prioritize and schedule store visits from a mobile app.

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See how we used Service Cloud to manage issues with chat, email, phone, and more.

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Even though your customers may be purchasing from consultants, they’ll likely be inclined to call headquarters with any issues. We’ll use Service Cloud to appropriately route inquiries to support agents to minimize the strain on your business.

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Personalized consultation for better on-the-ground selling.

Learn how we enabled designer mobility with up-to-the minute information.

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We understand It’s critical to know which product, from which specific lot number is having an issue. We’ll use Service Cloud to allow you to immediately track SKUs from the same batch so you can report on support cases per lot and identify potential health issues quickly.

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We’ll help you identify your customers’ tech issues and get your teams involved fast. We can even build advanced implementations that create alert systems for specific product teams to get involved. Keep issues from growing, while maintaining customer loyalty.

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Find out how we used Service Cloud to enhance Splunk’s case lifecycle.

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Get the most out of Service Cloud

We’ll work with you to critically optimize integrations of all your service channels for an ideal deployment. Ultimately, we’ll help your business improve your customer service by focusing on the following:

  • Understanding how you support each channel
  • Making each channel as efficient as possible
  • Helping you define customer-first support
  • Tailoring your service agents’ abilities across channels
  • Recommending customer support next best actions for your specific case
  • Delivering seamless solutions for your teams

Service Cloud Implementations