Transforming a tech leader’s cloud customer support capabilities

NETGEAR is one of the largest manufacturers of network equipment and consumer electronics, providing innovative hi-tech products to consumers, businesses, and service providers around the world. The company’s reputation for product reliability and performance has made it a leader in this space.

  • Industry: Technology
  • Location:

    San Jose, California, United States

  • Scale:
    • 1,000 – 5,000 employees 
    • $1.17B USD top line revenue
  • Salesforce Products:

    Platform, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud

  • Integrations:

At a Glance

NETGEAR partnered with GyanSys to deliver a suite of fully integrated solutions, tailored to NETGEAR’s methodology and in-house processes. We developed key customizations to extend Salesforce Knowledge’s out-of-the-box capabilities and tackle NETGEAR’s unique and complex needs. The customized solutions involved large-scale deployment and coordination among various teams and stakeholders.

Improved Localization with Multi-Lingual Support 


Reduced Number of Support Sessions
Enhanced Portal Search Functionality

We really see a difference between Groundwell and a second-tier player that does implementation. They were very open to adjusting their processes to our needs

—  Tejas Shaw, VP Information Technology, NETGEAR  

Streamlined Knowledge Article Creation, Publication and Maintenance

GyanSys built custom UI for uploading, managing and sharing various resource articles and materials. We also created custom functionality for tracking and monitoring article views.

To account for changing needs and increased demands, we improved both localization through multi-lingual support for all article types and contextual search functionality. With enhanced article organization and deep-level Product Hierarchies NETGEAR is now optimized to better cater to its customers needs. 

GyanSys also streamlined article authoring and ongoing maintenance process along with historical version tracking of said articles.

51% of customers prefer technical support through a knowledge base.


Enhanced Online Customer Support Services

GyanSys enhanced overall portal search functionality to make it easier for NETGEAR’s end-users to locate information.

Along with reducing the number of Chat Support session per pre-screened customer, the new system also enhanced the overall customer experience by improving agent interactions. With this newly increased automation in routing chat sessions, there was a noticeable improvement in overall efficiency and profitability. 

Websites with site search produce 1.8 times more conversions than websites without site search.


Seamless Integration with Existing NETGEAR Ecosystem

GyanSys optimized the cost of ownership for NETGEAR with a newly branded Knowledge interface integrating seamlessly into the existing system. Now their team can easily collaborate with various teams worldwide through the custom UI for uploading, managing and sharing various resource articles and materials.

Our team delivered a suite of fully integrated solutions, tailored to NETGEAR’s methodology and in-house processes. By developing key customizations that were initially not part of the out-of-the-box Salesforce Knowledge offering, NETGEAR can continue to scale and tackle complex needs.

New fully-branded Support site powered by the Salesforce knowledge platform

Become Scale Ready with Groundswell

NETGEAR now has a platform that will let them scale and adapt when needed as the company explores further automation, including incorporating Artificial Intelligence into their new environment for predictive support. GyanSys has helped many companies implement systems that help with customer self-service, collaboration, and complex product hierarchical structures.