Pure consulting to enhance customer support

As a growing software company, Splunk needed a highly skilled expert to improve their existing Salesforce set-up for customer support. Our advisory work with Splunk included reviewing their current functionalities, making recommendations for enhancement, and providing consultation services.

  • Industry: Technology
  • Location:

    San Francisco, California, United States

  • Scale:
    • 7,500+ employees
    • 27 offices worldwide
  • Salesforce Products:

    Service Cloud, Customer 360 Platform

At a Glance

Splunk lacked automation, flexibility, and integration to track their support efforts. They were using functionality that limited Salesforce’s capabilities, making it rigid and inaccessible. Splunk also hadn’t supported new Salesforce features since 2019, which required a high level of effort from their customers. We provided guidance to create a stable foundation for the future.


Layout & Intuitive User Experience


Global Region Launches


Satisfaction with Overall Project

Props to the team for their flexibility and adaptability, clear communication, and overall ability to deliver.

Jen Huang, Head of Security Analyst Operations, Splunk

Automation and Flexibility Fixes for Splunk

Splunk was using manual workarounds with many Excel and Confluence pages, making day-to-day work more time-consuming and difficult. Information and data were scattered, making it hard to find. There was also no integration to track all of their support efforts.

We tackled and identified enhancements to the Case Lifecycle and uncovered how users interact with the object. We assessed their process flows, recommended a new record type, and highlighted issues with Jira and Skedulo.

We identified enhancements to the Case Lifecycle and uncovered how users interact with the object.

Splunk Lightning App Builder

Elevating Splunk to Industry Standards

Splunk was not reaching the SaaS industry standards for CSX. We provided recommendations for ways to clean up and remove unnecessary queues, fields and list views that are no longer used in their system. We also assessed and provided a list of changes to improve their security.

A man reviews code next to another man at Splunk

As trusted advisors, we helped Splunk remedy all of their issues to set them up for long-term success.

A Stable Foundation for the Future

Splunk had unreliable data quality that stemmed from over-customization from entitlement, premium support, and service-level objectives (SLO). Splunk also acquired technical debt over the past ten years as there had been no significant system overhaul. This means they also had very high maintenance costs.

Splunk’s existing system was built to service on-premise customers, making scalability and staying top of mind in a competitive market difficult. SLOs were re-aligned with the new entitlement process.

As trusted advisors, we helped Splunk remedy all of these issues to set them up for long-term success.

Splunk launched in three markets globally with our help: America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Two women of groundswell providing their global salesforce partner experise

Support every step of the way

We helped Splunk at a technical and functional level by interviewing multiple teams who used their Salesforce org. We analyzed and provided a solution to resolve Splunk’s reporting and handover issues. By implementing the designed solution, reporting improved.

We’re proud to provide expert-level consulting to help tech companies like Splunk do what they do best.

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