Our proven process for
incredible results

We’ve refined our methodology to deliver fast, flexible solutions. From scoping to project completion, we’re here to guide our partners through every step of the way through our results-focused process.

What it’s like to work with us

Simplifying business processes

As master problem-solvers, making the impossible possible is what drives us forward.

Harnessing the power of the cloud

We’ll help you integrate Salesforce seamlessly into your existing technology stack.

Reaching your goals in record time

Our team is adept at getting organizations through production, onboarding, and development fast.


Driven to help you succeed

Getting to know your business 

We start by taking a deep dive into your near term and long term business objectives, processes and existing technology landscape to internalize the opportunity for digital transformation.

We invest in our early interactions to build a clear point-of-view and commercials. We  base this on your business priorities and our industry experience and technology expertise.

  • Business Drivers 

    First we dive into your business needs: what they are, and especially what problems you want solved.

  • Personas

    This includes mapping behaviours, needs, goals, habits and attitudes of users to help drive business requirements and align teams around “Who are we building this for?”

  • Capabilities Map

    We’ll identify and document solution capabilities and priorities for current and future implementations.

  • Reference Architecture

    Taking the time to understand current processes, we’ll uncover what the personas want or need in their new or existing Salesforce System, from business and technical perspectives.

  • Estimates & Commercials

    We always present stakeholders with a realistic and practical strategy for creating and deploying your desired capabilities.

  • Setup & Kickoff 

    Together, we’ll align on tools and provisioning, and communicate our joint defined strategy.

Sprints to the finished product

We know timing is critical. Through a series of focused sprints, our team drives planning, developing and testing our way towards the finish line.  

  • Product Backlog

    Working with you, we’ll prioritize a list of features needed for implementation, derived from our capability maps, reference architecture and understanding of your requirements.

  • Sprint Backlog

    Each sprint, we assess and prioritize the specific features to assign to our team of developers to get built.

  • Daily Stand-up

    Through regular meetings, we gain an understanding of what work has been completed, what is remaining, and create a plan for the day.

  • Sprint Demo

    We showcase and review our completed development after each sprint, whether its a functionality or enhancement.

  • Sprint Retro

    Reflecting back on what went well, what can be improved, what we learned as a team, we take our learnings into the next sprint.

  • Finished Product

    Based on your feedback throughout the project, we finalize and deliver the completed solution.

Deployment and beyond

Our delivery process is centered around customer efficiency, transparency and communication. You will always know how time is being allocated and have opportunities to review progress and help iterate on the finished solution. 

Our process doesn’t end with a production deployment. Training, change management, comprehensive knowledge transfers and business-as-usual planning are critical ingredients to your success. We plan for this from day one.   

  • Delivery

    This is the final phase of the implementation, when the solution is delivered and becomes available for end users to access and utilize.

  • Knowledge Transfer

    We ensure that your team is optimally equipped to leverage the full power of the tools we’ve built.


Expert solutions designed
for your industry

No implementation is one-size-fits-all. We take pride in delivering creative solutions that have been tailored to the needs of your industry. And we have years of extensive experience in these industries to back it up.

I found all along the process, whatever’s been promised to us has been the way it was delivered. Their technical team and project management team were great!

Radhika Guptam, Netgear

We are true partners, not just vendors

Your success is always on the top of our minds. Our co-delivery approach applies implementation best practices, while empowering and upskilling your team in the process.