Making waves every day.

We are a diverse group of innovators, kindness purveyors, constant improvers, knowledge sharers, impact drivers, and above all, team players. Get to know our super supportive and collaborative culture.

Life at Groundswell

Values we live by

Through every project, every collaboration, every conversation, Groundswellers embody these values every day.


We collaborate and help each other to achieve common goals, celebrating successes and lessons together.


We invest in relationships, striving to know the whole person and their definition of success.


We never settle, always curious and exploring possibilities to innovate better solutions to solve a challenge.

Enablers of

We are influencers and change agents who are inspired by enabling others.

Our core purpose is to enable success for our customers and employees.

We do this by understanding and valuing individuals we are working with.

We’ve got one huge goal in mind:

To serve as role models in our industry that top companies and top talent seek to partner with.

Our people define us

We’ve come from around the world, bringing diverse perspectives, experiences and cultures to our team and work. We are a team of trusting people who genuinely care about each other.

Kathryn Hall is the Alliances and Channel Marketing Specialist on the Engagement team
Mike Konon is an Engagement Lead on the Engagement Team at Groundswell
Anpurna has a bit of a wave in her hair, a few highlights and a beaming smile on her face. Her eyebrows are thick and perfectly shaped and her hair on the left side is tucked behind her ear. This image of her is in black and white and she is on our People & Culture team here at Groundswell Cloud Solutions.
Rahul Naik
Black and white headshot of Ian Bolton

We come from different countries, we come from different cultures and somehow we are able to come together to co-exist and learn from each other as well as help each other thrive.

Kathryn Hall

Groundswell for good

Through passion and imagination, we design and champion community impact programs that really make a difference. As a purpose-driven company, it is our responsibility to do what we can to elevate our community.

Volunteering at the Greater Vancouver Food Bank

Our Fitness Challenge raised a total of $3K for BC Children’s Hospital.

Our culture allows us to get involved in our community

Donating time to Sharing Farm, an organization that grows food for those in need.

CMD-F Hackathon

Our virtual workshop at the CMD-F Hackathon

The Groundswell soccer team after a Sunday game

A group of Groundswellers cleaning up Jericho Beach.

Kindness at our core

Throughout the year, you’ll find us:

  • Volunteering our time
  • Supporting local charities
  • Raising money through events & challenges
  • Upskilling talent at local Hackathons
  • Running donation matching programs



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