GS Apps and Accelerators

Move faster than
the competition

Gain value from your Salesforce investments faster and more cost-effectively with our accelerators. We’ve packaged up a collection of our intellectual property, knowledge, and experience from similar solutions to give your business a running start. 

Our current accelerators for quicker implementation

B2B2C Accelerator

The B2B2C Accelerator is a fully integrated Salesforce solution. It empowers business owners at all levels to manage their business effectively using a single app. The accelerator provides a single platform for CRM, sales enablement and thru-channel marketing.

Distributed Marketing Accelerator

A one-stop shop for marketing, this mobile-first application helps you excel at marketing campaigns with its user-friendly interface. This easily searchable graphical interface is a game-changer for companies hundreds of templates.

Task Management App

This app is responsible for displaying the user’s tasks, while allowing updates to the records. This includes marking tasks as done, dismissed or snoozing the tasks for a configurable amount of time.

Amplify Salesforce with our accelerators

With our accelerators, we provide a template that provides a reference for many of the things your implementation requires. From the data model, through the pages and processes, our accelerators allow you to leverage our decade of learnings in collaborating with countless organizations.