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Our Salesforce Accelerators: Move Faster and Gain Value

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Investing in Salesforce is one of the most important decisions any organization can make. More times than not the benefits Salesforce provides outweigh the cost. But continued growth and scaling will leave many companies with strained budgets and technical debt. As a mature consulting company, we understand the challenges of sustainable growth. This is why we’ve packaged up a collection of our intellectual property, knowledge, and experience from similar Salesforce solutions into amazing accelerators to give your business a running start.

B2B2C Accelerator

The B2B2C Accelerator, or Experience Cloud Portal Accelerator, is a fully integrated Salesforce solution that empowers business owners at all levels to manage their business effectively using a single app. This accelerator provides a single platform for CRM, sales enablement, and thru-channel marketing. 

It was specifically designed to provide automation of common challenges for, but not limited to, the Direct Selling, Franchise, and Retail industries. We help businesses develop opportunities to engage with consumers to create meaningful and lasting relationships by getting access to a broader set of customer data. We also help streamline the processes for franchises, distributors, or partners to get the right direction on marketing campaigns, technology, and other key strategic areas.

For clients like Hunter Douglas, we can connect dealers’ calendars with their schedules, increase the number of self-service capabilities, and improve the content experience overall with a more intuitive UI. Now they can easily discern the status of a given order and order line items with a quick visual scan.

Distributed Marketing Accelerator

Groundswell’s Distributed Marketing App is built off of Salesforce’s existing B2B2C Distributed Marketing to empower distributors to send rich, on-brand emails and SMS campaigns. Powered by the Marketing Cloud platform, it provides a clean and intuitive mobile-friendly user experience.

Salesforce Accelerator: Distributed Marketing Accelerator

We understand the challenges around delivering a unified and seamless consumer engagement at scale, especially for organizations that sell and market through large partner networks. Developed as a mobile-first application, our accelerator will help you excel at marketing campaigns with its user-friendly and easily searchable interface providing hundreds of templates. Once the campaign is ready to send, users can activate, edit and adjust each message that will be sent within the journey to deliver personalized communications. 

Salesforce-SAP Connector

Our Salesforce-SAP Connector is a versatile accelerator that provides complex ERP data integrations and supports full and delta loads with a built-in error-logging mechanism. Organizations can now view, configure, sync, and integrate their master data stored in their backend SAP S/4HANA or ERP ECC systems natively in Salesforce.

  • Customizable out-of-the-box mapping for Salesforce Objects.
  • Supports client-specific custom fields in addition to the mapping.
  • Zero coding for enhancing the integration.
  • Framework for replicating any SAP table with a couple of clicks.

We work with customers to build systems that encourage collaboration across teams, both internally and externally, at key areas where time-sensitive decisions are made. Supported in both classic and Lightning UI, the three modules within the accelerator were designed to synchronize master data, including customer materials, sales data, including quotes, invoices, and orders, and field service data, including inventory, pricing, bill of materials, and work orders. To make it simpler for users, the accelerator offers the option to sync data daily, on a specific date and time of the week, or monthly. 

Our accelerators provide a variety of additional capabilities to speed up your time to value, compared to creating features from scratch. From day one, they are easy to use and augment current Salesforce offerings to enrich the user experience and level up your systems. As your business will maintain full control of the accelerator, admins and/or users have the ability to build, pivot, and do what makes the most sense for your evolving business. Contact us today to find out how we can work together:

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