Higher sales with a more connected experience 

Fitness powerhouse, Camp Gladiator, grew exponentially and needed to elevate their employees, trainers, and campers with a new digital platform. Having outgrown their old CRM Zendesk, we helped them replace it with Salesforce.

  • Industry: Retail
  • Location:

    Austin, Texas, United States

  • Scale:

    1,000+ Certified Personal Trainers across seven states

  • Salesforce Products:

    Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Experience Cloud, Analytics

  • Integrations:

    Twilio, Nation

At a Glance

Camp Gladiator needed a formal service function to manage trainer and trainee requests. They also required a case management capability to transfer camper data from trainer to trainer quickly. We delivered tools to help Camp Gladiator marketers thrive by deploying a variety of branded communications on multiple channels. 

Reduced Churn Rate
Generated Higher Sales
Higher Retention Rate

Camp Gladiator Case Escalation with Service Cloud

We clarified Camp Gladiator’s case escalation and resolution process. By deploying Service Cloud, we ensured live agent support is more accessible. Camp Gladiator can now manage trainer and client issues with chat, email, phone, and knowledge articles. This service console allows for case routing, case management, case resolution, and overall automation.

Campers needed a knowledge base, while their operations team needed to reduce the churn rate and manage registration and deregistration.

A group working our today thanks to a Camp Gladiator trainer

Data-driven Journeys to Engage Customers

To address Camp Gladiator’s churn rate issue, we leveraged business analytics to provide trainers with an action plan to grow and encourage their peers to join. With Marketing Cloud and easy to use campaign templates, Camp Gladiator trainers can now engage Campers to sign up with ease. Trainers can also get up-to-date information about programs and promotions in order to retain campers.

Campers now have a unified experience, and switching trainers is seamless, leading to higher retention rates.

A woman in blue athletic wear doing a plank thanks to Camp Gladiator

Mobile-first Solution to Enhance Communication

Based on the Camp Gladiator marketing team’s KPI needs for effective lead management and tracking, we provided an email and SMS communication channel for trainers using Marketing Cloud and Twilio. This mobile-first solution enables trainers to engage potential clients, leading to higher sales.

With our astute help implementing Salesforce’s Mobile Publisher, trainers can now view up-to-date data, engage in promotions, and take action.

Automation allows for quick expansion and eliminates communication barriers for a cohesive experience.

Camp Gladiator mobile first solutions shows a screenshot of their branding and how the app on google play and apple works.

Empowering people everywhere 

Camp Gladiator’s employees, trainers, and hundreds of thousands of campers needed more robust distributed capabilities. With an optimized Salesforce instance, they are ready to scale and grow in new markets.