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Leveraging Salesforce capabilities for success

Core Health & Fitness manufactures, sells, installs, and supports high-quality commercial fitness equipment with iconic brands. They needed a system to transform their business and provide exceptional care to their customers. Groundswell’s solution allowed for quick and easy resolution of customer repair requests with account notification features, as well as enhanced work order tracking for their team.

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Location:

    4 US Locations
    + 7 Global Locations

  • Scale:
    • 2,000 employees 
    • $250M USD top line revenue
  • Salesforce Products:

    Field Service, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud

  • Integrations:

    Oracle, Expedite Commerce

At a Glance

Core Health & Fitness wanted to provide their customers with the ability to request repairs on their equipment, track the necessary parts and associated costs, and know when the repair would occur. They also wanted to provide third-party providers with a place to order and pay for parts, track their installation process and see the repair appointment status.

Enhanced Global
Process Management


Faster Work Order
Improved Inventory

Partnering with Groundswell has absolutely been the right decision. If you’re looking for a partner for your next critical business decision, Groundswell should definitely be on your shortlist.

—  Don Payne, Business Systems Manager, Core Health & Fitness 

Customer and Partner Community

Groundswell built a Field Service solution that integrated with an existing e-commerce platform to allow Core Health & Fitness customers to create service requests and select pieces of equipment requiring parts, leveraging a foundation of Experience Cloud functionality. Customer requests appear in Salesforce as Work Orders and Work Order Line Items. Submitted Work Orders will then go to agents for approval and scheduling.


Groundswell also helped incorporate Field Service into a Partner Community for Core Health & Fitness Providers. Once Providers have signed up, they are automatically assigned Work Orders and can view and schedule their Work Orders using this Partner Community. Providers who have not shared their availability have the ability to accept or reject work order requests from within their community, and now have access to knowledge articles providing them with technical references for the equipment.

Core Health & Fitness Knowledge Articles
Core Health & Fitness Knowledge Articles

89% of customers want to see modern, on-demand technology applied to their technician scheduling, and nearly as many customers would be willing to pay a premium for it.

Core Health & Fitness Scheduling Appointments
Core Health & Fitness Scheduling Appointments

Core Health & Fitness Installation Management

It was very important for Core Health & Fitness to streamline how they managed their inventory as it relates to work orders and reducing hours spent performing low-value tasks. The Installation Management capabilities focused on improving equipment tracking, better visibility on serial numbers and invoices, as well as quick access to assembly and calibration documentation.


When Providers are onsite with a customer, they can now manage the Work Order and indicate a “go-back” for a specific work order. Go-backs occur for several reasons: if more time is needed to complete a job, the appointment should be multi-day, or additional parts are required. If additional parts are required to complete the work order the Provider will be redirected to the Partner Community.

Core Health & Fitness Service Appointments with a "go-back" feature for individual work orders.
Core Health & Fitness Service Appointments with a “go-back” feature for individual work orders.

The combination of mobility and artificial intelligence (AI) improve field service agent productivity by 30% to 40%.


Core Health & Fitness Work Order Management

With Groudswell’s implementation, agents can create Work Orders from a case that requires parts and services via Salesforce’s Field Service technology. Now, the agent can select critical parts for ordering and the Provider from a list of recommended providers based on skill, location, and available inventory. 


Groundswell helped put rules in place to ensure the optimization of provider routes for efficiency throughout their day. Support Agents now have visibility into the status of work orders and any delays occurring. Core Health & Fitness can also rank different Providers based on the criteria they’ve defined.

With Salesforce Field Service easily map out business requirements and identify gaps that can be resolved with customizations for unique services that set your brand apart.

Core Health & Fitness Work Orders
Core Health & Fitness Work Orders

Core Health & Fitness Resource Management

Provider managers and Service managers needed to assign skills to Providers based on their ability to complete different work orders. Thanks to Groundswell’s work, service managers now can assign Providers to specific territories/regions and track their location on a work order by work order basis from within the system. Providers can manage their availability for upcoming installations and view their current skill assignments.

Core Health & Fitness Customer Appointment Scheduling
Core Health & Fitness Customer Appointment Scheduling

 Field service organizations that adopt big data analytics reported an increase in service profitability of 18% while their customer retention rate also climbed by 42%.

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Make the complex simple with Groundswell

Core Health & Fitness had a lot of custom development and technical debt in their Salesforce instance. Groundswell has helped many companies implement systems that help with customer self-service, equipment repairs, and technician scheduling, along with large rollouts to multiple regions.