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Trusted service at any time from anywhere

Grow your front-line service representatives to high-performing teams in Field Service with Groundswell. Having implemented Salesforce Field Service for multiple clients, including those in the Health and Fitness, Technology, and Home Renovation industries, we can help you start with a fresh project or make enhancements to an existing Field Service implementation.

Supplying the way forward

Appointment Assistance

Offer customers self-service for scheduling appointments in a unique to your brand customer portal and bot system, and include Last Mile notifications via the Mobile App.  When necessary, your customers can easily make appointment modifications.

Remote Support

We can enable agents to provide more effective remote support. From on-demand video sessions with customers to AI for character and photo recognition, we keep customers at the core of your business.

Offline Efficiency

With expansive caching of data, technicians can remain productive when signals are not available. Don’t let connectivity issues and remote areas stop your teams.

How Field Service impacts
your industry

Anticipate service needs by providing a seamless service experience to customers across messaging, web and mobile channels. Your service professionals can complete work functions at any time and from anywhere.

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We’ll provide your customers and technicians with excellent tools to ensure effective resolution. Enhance customization to fit unique needs and uplift third-party providers.

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See how we used Field Service to improve equipment parts tracking for better customer service.

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Create an exceptional customer experience no matter how large or distributed your workforce is. We’ll use Field Service to deliver improved communication across all territories. Improve your business with scheduling capabilities and automated work order management.

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Learn how we provided key metrics and a mobile dashboard with Field Service Lightning. 

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Help others from anywhere and schedule appointments. We understand how crucial coordinating transportation and tracking SKUs are. Get support where it needs to go quickly.

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We’ll help you track large-scale disruptions and delegate tasks to the right experts. With Field Service you can track resolutions to help solve future cases in an instant. Help solve issues quickly and maintain customer loyalty.

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Get the most out of Field Service

Front-line service technicians are key representatives of your brand and we’ll work with you to not only create opportunities to cross-sell and upsell but to keep a meaningful and lasting relationship with your customers. We’ll do this by focusing on the following:

  • Understanding how to support your team to peak efficiency
  • Enabling self-service in customer portals
  • Building out operational capacities
  • Delivering user-friendly solutions
  • Having equipment history and customer profiles right at Field Service professionals’ fingertips
  • Optimizing appointment scheduling by considering variables such as travel time, required skills, and availability

Field Service Implementations