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Business Resilience in 2023 with Salesforce

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Successfully navigating disruptions and significant, unplanned changes to protect and grow value has led to a renewed focus on business resilience for all organizations. Risks are always present but now business leaders and IT decision-makers alike recognize that they need to have a new mindset with an emphasis on IT agility needed to achieve business continuity.

An organization’s ability to respond and adapt quickly is not only related to protecting the company’s IT infrastructure to remain available and secure but also to building a system of resilience for customers and employees. This starts by asking important questions:

  • What can we do to protect our brand?
  • How can we optimize business decision-making?
  • How can we simplify employee workflows and daily tasks?
  • How can we maintain our service to customers and partners in response to disruptions and changing expectations?

Build a Practice of Resilience

In the case of creating a strong system or practice of resilience, automation is essential to help you manage and be alerted of general business changes, including inventory, sales, marketing, or technology. This is where Groundswell’s expertise in Salesforce cross-cloud implementations has built strong foundations to scale and expand company resources. As no implementation is one-size-fits-all, you need solutions that have been tailored to the needs of your industry. 

It is important to note that layered automation can achieve proven results, including efficient and streamlined processes, robust data analysis to drive strategy, improved customer experiences, and responsiveness, and improved speed in reporting, just to name a few.

Explore how we improved Slack’s online community and forum appeal with Experience Cloud, as well as improved sales forecasting with the Salesforce Forecasting app.

Given the range of possibilities in the Salesforce ecosystem, it’s easy to get lost or lose sight of the real business value your organization needs. Groundswell can help you fully grasp all the elements of every business capability that Salesforce will enhance within your organization. We are experts in building applications on Salesforce using the Lighting platform. This includes building B2B and B2C apps on top of the Salesforce suite. These applications are native to the platform and are built to scale. Our app development includes accelerators that are a collection of our intellectual property, knowledge, and experiences delivering similar solutions to our partners around the world.

Read how Core Health & Fitness streamlined their customer service processes by integrating Experience Cloud into their current e-commerce platform. They also improved their Installation and Work Order Management workflows with Field Service.

Communicate Regularly

Once you have built your automation implementation plan, you must communicate with staff and partners regularly, update them on the new sales strategies, and dedicate time and effort to avoid internal disruptions. It is essential that you build a platform where all communication is made available 24/7. It will boost customer confidence and satisfaction to plan how and where you will display and share non-confidential aspects of your company.

Learn how Camp Gladiator elevated their employees, trainers, and campers with a new digital platform. By deploying Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud they have reduced churn rates, generated higher sales, and increased their retention rate.

Communication strategies are especially vital for partner networks. Groundswell’s Salesforce PRM implementations have resulted in improved partner communication strategies with Partner Portals, full visibility into partner performance, and streamlined lead and deal management processes. Our expertise focuses on smart strategies that lessen channel partner churn and miscommunication while creating smooth workflows to ensure sales cycles are reduced considerably.

Discover how Samsara enhanced several capabilities for their platform called ImPartner with Experience Cloud. By getting access to key metrics on their partners and a standardized onboarding process, Samsara now has clarity into key revenue indicators and can quickly take action.

Always Learn and Adapt

Always being ready to make immediate changes according to variable shifts can only be accomplished by keeping your ear on the ground. This can include creating a small team to track business publications, online trends, and podcasts as a great source of information to gain a variety of industry perspectives. Don’t miss to use these data points to drive business processes around marketing and sales planning. Adaptive organizations build flexible learning methods to swiftly adjust to consumers’ needs without compromising overall brand consistency.

People-based targeting is a great way to deliver consistent digital experiences from corporate marketing to partner networks. Utilizing Marketing Cloud as your new strategy will help leverage and expand on first-party data already available at their fingertips. Groundswell has used the power of Einstein AI in Marketing Cloud to help companies capture predictive analytics on how customers will engage with email and mobile messaging, including the optimal number of communications to send and when is the best time to send these communication campaigns.

Read more about how Groundswell helped Shaklee to correct their processes to adapt to the new “plan early, launch quickly” campaign management approach and connect every interaction to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Building new apps and workflows focused on monetization and better visibility into usage and consumption will need to include the ability to automatically pull and calculate data points to increase efficiency. This is how valuable a Salesforce Forecasting app can be by removing any worry around data correction or adjustments and evaluating true information in real time. Groundswell has been able to provide customers with solutions that help anticipate issues before they impact users, and discover insights derived from AI to make informed decisions and stay nimble.

Invest in Technology to Scale

Technology can streamline processes making it easier to tackle problems head-on and determine which areas of your business could benefit from the new technology. Instead of relying on your in-house development team to build a solution that might seem cost-effective initially, can cost a lot more down the road and lessen your ability to scale. It is vital for your company to establish a strong foundation that is agile, flexible, and efficient to build better products or services.

Salesforce solutions improve and enhance productivity in many industries, including Consumer Goods, Retail, Franchise and Distribution, and Technology. Groundswell has worked on various client projects, whether it’s starting with a fresh project or making enhancements where initial Salesforce implementations are no longer scalable, to determine areas for immediate enhancement and goals for the future.

Discover how Hunter Douglas improved their Experience Cloud instance with enhanced search capabilities, increased number of self-service capabilities, and developed additional functionality to easily see the status of a given order.

Improving the overall productivity and health of your systems is not as complicated as you might imagine. Service Cloud’s Einstein Bots, with an implementation timeline as fast as 7 days, help you to respond and solve customer inquiries with a significant reduction in case volumes. Salesforce’s Field Service technology offers a mobile app and branded portals for your partners with easily accessible information on appointments, key metrics, and dashboards to remove friction and improve channel visibility. Sales Cloud Forecasting apps provide a complete view of your entire pipeline to analyze at the rep or period levels, with details about any previous adjustments to display the right opportunity data.

Business resiliency does not happen overnight and very few companies can explicitly manage resilience. Groundswell understands business resilience across industries and we’ve helped clients of all sizes – from large enterprises to fast-growing startups – identify and address areas for immediate enhancement and goals for the future. Let us help push your business forward.

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