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Growing community appeal and simplifying sales automation

Slack brings team communication and collaboration into one place so you can get more work done, whether you’re a large enterprise or a small business. They needed a freshly designed online portal to better service their user questions and allow newer users to overcome hurdles faster from the new Slack community forum.

  • Industry: Technology
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    San Francisco, California, United States

  • Scale:
    • 200K+ Paid Customers
    • 150+ Countries with Active Users
  • Salesforce Products:

    Experience Cloud, Sales Cloud

At a Glance

Slack’s focus on becoming companies’ Digital HQ has inspired their team to make the community a centerpiece of Slack. They reached out to Groundswell to work on an updated Slack Community Forum companion app. Groundswell also helped Slack leverage Salesforce CPQ to empower their Customer Success Team to automatically pull and calculate data points in order to increase efficiency.

Enhanced Forum


More Engagement &
New Accounts
Increased Tracking of Business Accounts

Working with Groundswell made project scoping so much better and easier than it could have been. Something that I really look for in a partner when were building something that is highly technical: help us understand it in words that aren’t jargon.

—  Elizabeth Kinsey, Director, Community, Slack

Support and Grow Online Slack Communities

The Slack Community team wanted to build a modern and dynamic forum for all their user groups. Groundswell  enhanced Slack’s forum experience with Experience Cloud,  delivering a versatile and robust community platform for Slack’s users to answer submitted questions and share posts on social channels.


End-user adoption and continued engagement was assured through secure moderation for system admins and community moderators, out-of-the-box Salesforce features for collaboration and recognition with badges and automatic awarding, as well as implementing AI-powered dashboards and reports to track which groups and topics are most or least engaged with.

Slack Community

58% of online communities say that their customers are more loyal to their brand because of their community.

Vanilla Forums
Slack Community Logged In

SEO Focused Forum Features

One of the key elements to enhance their forum experience, the Slack Community is discoverable through SEO, and also offers logged-out and logged-in experiences for all users. Groundswell went a step further and integrated the Customer Community portal with Slack so that if a user follows a topic within the forum, the new Slack companion app will fetch the 10 most recent topics and provide additional notifications.


To allow for the most relevant answers and better search results, end users can mark the most correct answers to the questions posted, with moderators themselves also verifying them. Each topic search also features the Related Questions section that is powered by AI to always provide the best options to further increase interaction.

57% of branded communities say that the community has led to an increase in brand SEO.

Vanilla Forums
Slack Community Forum App

Simplified Pricing Workflows

Slack needed to innovate their internal customer success and usage-based pricing processes. This new simplified workflow focused on monetization reengineering, including growing the relationships already built by the Customer Success Team and helping provide better visibility into each account’s user consumption behavior.

Organizations with sales enablement achieve a 49% win rate on forecasted deals.

Slack Usage-Based Consumption Behaviour Workflow
Slack Usage-Based Consumption Behaviour Workflow

Slack Customer Success Forecasting App

Slack had previously decided to move away from using the OOB Salesforce Collaborative Forecasting solution for forecasting activities. As their data was already stored in Salesforce, Groundswell showcased how the Salesforce Sales Cloud is the best solution to build the right intuitive interface for a smoother transition. 


Removing manual work out of their workflow, Slack’s Customer Success team can easily use the Slack Forecasting app to submit their forecasted consumption values for each business account, with the ability to automatically pull and calculate certain data points in order to increase efficiency. Likewise, Slack’s Management no longer needs to worry about data correction and adjustments, since they are able to evaluate information in real time.

Tech Industry Expertise

A complete solution for the entire team

Groundswell significantly increased Slack’s online community engagement, while improving sales forecasting workflows for their executive and customer success teams. They now have a robust platform that allows them to scale and adapt without compromising on their commitment to quality conversations and collaboration.

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