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Create and launch hyper-targeted marketing campaigns

Known for being a customer-focused health and wellness company, since 1956 Shaklee has been a leading provider of premium quality, natural nutrition, personal care products, and environmentally-friendly home care products. As one of the first companies in the world to be Climate Neutral certified, Shaklee holds the highest environmental standards, offsetting CO2 emissions and making sure the company’s environmental impact is net zero. 

  • Industry: Retail
  • Location

    Pleasanton, California, United States

  • Scale:
    • 500 – 700 employees
    • $930 million annual revenue
  • Salesforce Products:

    Marketing Cloud

At a Glance

Shaklee needed to complete a full staff augmentation to manage and improve their use of Marketing Cloud. Frustrated with the internal knowledge and capability gaps, Groundswell was able to immediately correct their processes to adapt to the new “plan early, launch quickly” campaign management approach.

Faster Data-Based Decision Making


Increase in Customer Engagement
Improved Campaign Tracking

“I would absolutely recommend Groundswell Cloud Solutions to anyone who was in the market for assistance specifically with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.”

—  Marissa Contreras, VP of Digital Experience & CRM, Shaklee 

Hyper-Targeted Segmentation & Messaging

By utilizing hyper-segmentation, Shaklee was able to get granular with their data, build rich subscriber profiles and effectively target audiences on a weekly basis. With the help of Groundswell’s expertise, using SQL queries has allowed for additional flexibility and adaptability to ever-changing customer needs. 

The Data Extensions Inventory automation specifically improved how they tracked and updated customer data, improving their segmentation processes. It is now simpler to retrieve a true daily or weekly list of subscribers who have made a purchase, and to create additional campaigns growing brand loyalty and engagement.

Marketers who used segmented campaigns noted as much as a 760% increase in revenue.

Campaign Monitor
Shaklee Newsletter
Shaklee’s fresh newsletter design
Shaklee Newsletter 2
Targeted weekly newsletter sent via email and SMS

Improved Campaign Planning

For Shaklee, planning, coordinating, and measuring cross-channel campaigns in real-time was best achieved with the implementation of Marketing Cloud Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Journey Builder, and Contact Builder. As their main engagement includes weekly newsletters, SMS, and MMS communications, it was very important to automate campaigns and guide their customers through the desired brand journey.

Shaklee’s marketing team can now connect every interaction across email and mobile, to deliver a seamless customer experience. This means the ability to use micro-moments like browsing behaviors and purchase history to build completely personalized messages while also adjusting weekly customer paths. They can also leverage automated reports to be ready for changing trends.

Organized marketers are 674% more likely to report success.

Mobile Connect Report Preview

Shaklee Scales & Grows Marketing Initiatives

Successful marketing initiatives include the ability to continually keep adding specific processes as the customer paths keep evolving. This was definitely important for Shaklee, and they were able to create additional journeys with Groundswell’s advice and assistance. The Bluecore SMS Abandoned Cart campaign was one important piece to scale their communication and create a new source of ROI. 

Shaklee is able to trigger SMS messages at the same time as their email and web campaigns. A great example is delivering birthday communication on all devices while driving more mobile interaction. There are also a set of rules that can be applied to mobile campaigns, such as guardrails to prevent accidental delivery of text messages.

Shaklee SMS Preview
Shaklee SMS communication
Shaklee’s SMS Abandoned Cart campaign
Groundswell Office Team Shot

Ensuring Marketing Campaign Success

Shaklee achieved their goal of improving brand reach and engagement thanks to Groundswell’s building and maintaining their Marketing Cloud platform. Campaign value was easily delivered for their marketing team and customers thanks to the new hyper-segmented quick launch campaign management approach.