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Top 5 Successful Salesforce Integrations

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What makes a successful integration of Salesforce? There can be many factors including quality, price, time to market, and many other factors particular to your unique business. 

Groundswell highlights 5 clients who have had Successful Salesforce Integrations

Groundswell is a strategic and skilled Salesforce implementation expert, guiding our project partnerships to success by enhancing company processes and sparking business growth. View all of our client’s successful Salesforce integrations here on our Success Stories page.  With deep industry and platform expertise, we focus on enabling real change and delivering meaningfully innovative solutions.

1. Fast Chatbots for Cosmetics Enterprise Sally Beauty 

Sally Beauty is one of the world’s largest retailers of salon-quality hair color, hair care, nail salon, and beauty supplies. Their processes were missing the right tools to better manage their overhead and optimize their productivity, so they reached out to Groundswell. 

Entrusting their Salesforce integration process to Groundswell, Sally Beauty handled COVID uncertainty with fully custom Salesforce chatbots successfully implemented in just 7 days.

Sally Beauty Chatbot

The main requirements Sally Beauty had were reducing case volumes and more effectively responding to customers’ inquiries. By delivering Service Cloud’s Einstein Bots in just seven days, Groundswell was able to make a significant improvement to their customer services processes. 

Drawing on Groundswell’s extensive Service Cloud experience, we guided Sally Beauty on how to best utilize customer data gathered through chatbots and how to leverage dashboards optimally to address customer needs. 

Right away, Sally Beauty experienced outstanding results and a notable reduction in case volumes.

2. Experience Cloud for California Closets 

With 120 showrooms and a growing number of stores, franchises, and staff, California Closets needed to quickly improve their processes to better serve customers and improve communication across all their territories. When they contacted Groundswell, it was clear that our high-growth company expertise was uniquely compatible with their wishlist.

A true digital transformation not only enhances the customer experience but also impacts the vendor and company executives’ experience as well. California Closets achieved all of this in one simple and robust implementation with Groundswell. 

The first step in improving their digital experience included creating an app for their designer team with Salesforce’s Field Services Lightning to provide real-time appointment information and reminders, as well as an analytics dashboard with metrics for better decision-making.

The next step in our project was focused on consolidating all their data to improve the visibility into the business performance and also take better decisions with clean data from multiple sources. Using Mulesoft, the Groundswell team was able to integrate all the current systems – Dash, MIS Sugar, and Shopify – to develop a unified Salesforce platform.

3. Mobile-First Solution for Camp Gladiator 

Camp Gladiator reached out to Groundswell having outgrown their current Zendesk solution. They were looking to elevate their employees, trainers, and customers’ online experiences with a new digital platform. 

One of North America’s fastest-growing fitness companies, Camp Gladiator’s wishlist for Groundswell’s new Salesforce implementation included a robust case management system, plus a system to manage customer and partner requests. 

Engaging customers and managing user requests is now a simple task for Camp Gladiator using the Salesforce Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Mobile Publisher.

Groundswell’s first step was to resolve the case escalation and resolution process, ensuring better live agent support is more accessible for all users. Now customers can connect with Camp Gladiator for any issues via chat, email, and phone, plus also using self-serve knowledge articles. This overall automation has also allowed for faster case routing, case management, and case resolution.

To further improve their customer service and engagement, Groundswell helped Camp Gladiator to better leverage analytics and easy-to-use campaign templates. This means every user can get up-to-date information about programs and promotions without missing them out, while also easily signing up for the services they want. 

Additionally, with the Marketing Cloud and Twilio integrated capabilities Groundswell built, trainers now can engage and serve potential customers via email and SMS communication for a seamless and mobile-first experience. This dashboard with real-time data helps trainers to easily plan and take action with all their clients.

4. Marketing Cloud for Younique Products

As a global direct-selling cosmetics company, Younique needed to alter communication approaches and increase retention. This meant that a new communication strategy needed to be in place, together with a robust platform to drive focused journeys to crucial customer segments.

Leveraging Marketing Cloud’s segmentation and personalization capabilities, Younique can now easily create engaging, customized campaigns in a timely manner.

Since Younique was one of the first direct sales cosmetics brands to market and sell almost exclusively through social media, Groundswell knew Younique would demand a strong and dynamic digital strategy empowering them to stay innovative. Groundswell created a New Presenter Onboarding Journey platform to guide new Younique Presenters through onboarding, training, and other growth-driven activities. 

Groundswell also devised a mobile app for Presenters surfacing high-level metrics including total monthly sales, customers’ orders, earnings, and progress, including the ability to cross-reference against previous months. 

These tools effectively position Younique’s marketing initiatives to grow and expand. With Groundswell’s help, Younique is now using Salesforce Marketing Cloud for a more cohesive experience to retain customers, get better leads, and increase revenue.

5. Ultimate Virtual Back Office for dōTERRA

Driven by their passion to empower and educate their customers on healthy living and pure essential oils, dōTERRA decided to commit to a completely virtual office experience for their Wellness Advocates and members. 

A successful Salesforce implementation finishes on time and within budget for continued growth and success. dōTERRA can now manage not only all their advocates worldwide but fully service customers with their new, nimble and modern Experience Cloud platform.

Salesforce’s Experience Cloud was a great fit to scale doTERRA’s local and international reach by creating internal and external sites along with two highly functional apps. With Groundswell’s assistance, successfully implementing these tools, dōTERRA now has a complete single-source view of their company with accurate data, as well as full control over their brand reach and recognition.

Groundswell finalized a major component of Groundswell’s work for dōTERRA, called the Leadership Book, in just 4 months and within budget. Delivering global consistency, it allows the whole organization to easily manage, guide, and allocate the right advocates within the leadership team. The site also provides the full picture, including KPIs, goals, and SWOT analysis, while also tracking all correspondence and the ability to flag incomplete actions.

To incentivize and retain their advocates, Groundswell also implemented the Prime Wellness Club app for dōTERRA, empowering Wellness Advocates to track their own orders and to better manage their time. 

The final piece was to also create a way to connect customers with the Advocates in a user-friendly process. Using the public-facing help center, guest accounts or customers can now easily see their shipping, tracking, and return details, plus learn more about becoming an advocate themselves. 

At Groundswell our focus is to sustain long-term business success with innovative cross-cloud solutions. We transform our clients’ problems into user-friendly solutions. Experts in our field, we tackle implementations across multiple Salesforce products that will give your teams the tools to hit the ground running from Day One. Contact us today to find out how we can work together:

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