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Enhancing partner onboarding and collaboration for FICO

FICO provides analytics software and tools used across multiple industries to manage risk, fight fraud, build more profitable customer relationships, optimize operations, and meet strict government regulations. They have pioneered the development and application of critical technologies behind decision management, which include predictive analytics, business rules management, and optimization.

  • Industry: Technology
  • Location:

    Bozeman, MT, USA

  • Scale:
    • $1 Billion revenue
    • 35 locations globally
    • Over 4,000 employees
  • Salesforce Products:

    Experience Cloud (PRM)

At a Glance

FICO partnered with GyanSys to create a Partner Portal that streamlined all their processes from partner registration, and partner enablement to deal registration, as well as a custom partner locator tool. FICO can now easily track their Partner progress and success through Partner dashboards that display performance, open and closed deals to date, overall revenue, and other key metrics.

Simplified Partner Registration & Enablement


Faster Access to Partner Marketing Collateral
Improved Deal Registration & Management

Partner Registration

FICO now has a streamlined Partner registration workflow that provides transparency for the new partner as well as allows them to track their approval process.

GyanSys helped to digitize their registration steps with a custom Partner interest form, which automatically links and creates a record in their Salesforce instance which keeps all partner details organized and free from human error. Then the FICO Partner Relationship Manager gets a notification that they have an application to review and once they have approved the partner registration, they can assign different levels of access. This step triggers the custom approval email with the portal login link. 

FICO Partner Interest Form
FICO Welcome Mat

Partner Onboarding and Enablement

Once logged in for the first time new partners get immediate access to an Onboarding MAT to navigate to the FICO Partner Central. GyanSys guided and helped with the creation of the initial training collateral, including PDFs, videos, and other material. 

Partners can now easily access account details and update their profile details. The new system also allows to send updates and chat about training progress or deals registered. Partners or Partner Relationship Managers can also add files to the account profile regarding any upcoming tasks.

FICO Partner Portal

82% of enterprise organizations rate their onboarding strategy as a key driver of value.

FICO Partner Registration

Deal Registration and Management

By using the portal, Partners can easily register their own deals which then automatically creates a Lead record in Salesforce. Once the FICO team approves the deal, it becomes an Opportunity and gets assigned back to the Partner account and is tracked within the system.

Partners will receive an email confirmation about the new Opportunity assigned to their account. The next time they log in, Partners can also review the full details, add tasks, and also communicate with their FICO Partner Relationship Manager to discuss and update the Opportunity record.

Alternatively, FICO Partner Relationship Managers can also assign individual opportunities to their partners. These records will also appear in the same list, where Partners can accept or reject the Opportunity.

FICO Registering a Deal
FICO Deal Registrations
FICO Partner Opportunities

Centralizing FICO Resources

FICO Partner Relationship Managers can create and share marketing or training videos, annual reports,  and assets with Partners. They can also customize the look and feel of the marketplace and highlight information that is important to partners.

Partners are also required to go through detailed training and the Learn section developed by GyanSys allows Partners and FICO managers to track progress. 

By centralizing all general and partner-specific FICO resources in one place has improved Partner communication and success.

FICO Partner Resources
FICO Partner Training Resources

The FICO Partner Listing

FICO needed a better way for their users to search and find partners closest to their location and business needs. GyanSys built a custom Partner Listing search portal on Salesforce to properly display detailed partner accounts which are actually pulled from Salesforce. The FICO team can quickly update the specific partner listing or add new partner details to the listing portal.

FICO Partner Listings
Team Audit & Analysis

A complete solution to build a strong partner network

FICO needed to enhance their partner relationship workflow to improve collaboration and communication, as well as build a stronger network for success. GyanSys has helped many companies implement PRM platforms that help with partner onboarding and enablement, deal registration, and resource management.