Our Services


Communities Cloud

If you can imagine it, we can build it

Salesforce’s Communities Cloud lets you set up tailored communities for Partners, Customers and other stakeholders of your business. Create branded, easy-to-use portals to foster collaboration and allow everyone in your business network to easily connect and engage with one another. Let Communities Cloud transform your workplace.

What we offer

We customize and build Communities around the way you do business. Imagine connecting with suppliers and vendors quickly & easily. Imagine customers helping other customers. Imagine empowering employees with information that increase productivity.

  • Custom branded UI for seamless integration with your existing business assets
  • Gamification, reputation, rewards & incentives to increase engagement & usage
  • Large-scale deployments incorporating multiple languages & currencies
  • Integration with back-end systems, cloud apps & payment gateways
  • Large data volume architecture
  • Extension of Salesforce CRM capabilities with the integration of powerful workflows

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Platform Services

Build cloud apps with users in mind

The Force.com , Salesforce1 and Heroku platforms enable developers to build, package and instantaneously deploy powerful applications that deliver massive business impact.

What we offer

We know these platforms inside out. Our team of skilled developers build elegant, efficient and user-friendly applications with the capabilities you need.

  • Development of custom components using complex Apex, Visualforce, Lightning, Web services, & other cloud technologies
  • API’s and Native Applications
  • Design & build of Responsive UI
  • Global deployments with multi-lingual capabilities
  • Large scale data architecture

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Sales Cloud

Turbocharge your sales team

Salesforce Sales Cloud makes the sales process smarter at every step of the sales cycle—from demand generation, to pipeline management and reporting. Generate more leads, close more deals & increase team productivity. Help your salespeople sell faster by automating repetitive tasks and providing access to all customer information from one location. Sales managers can easily view all of the team’s activities to monitor each person’s performance and forecast sales accurately.

What we offer

We help you customize Sales Cloud according to your sales processes. We work to gain a deep understanding of your most unique requirements. Our team specializes in projects with lots of moving parts and structures. Our agile process, including regular review sessions and close collaboration, keeps things on track and enables us to constantly improve and optimize the solution.

  • Complex deployments for businesses with worldwide operations such as Multi-level Marketing and Global Retail
  • Territory management capabilities tailored to how your sales territories are structured
  • Optimization of sales processes through time-saving workflows and automation
  • Closing of gaps in existing processes to improve efficiency and productivity

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Service Cloud

Delight your customers

Deliver fast, efficient & personalized customer service by automating processes and streamlining workflows. Salesforce Service Cloud is the key to strengthening your brand and building customer loyalty. It allows you to connect one-to-one with every customer across multiple channels. No stone is left unturned – respond to your customers’ every need swiftly, while at the same time reducing costs and customer churn.

What we offer

With our deep knowledge and experience of Service Cloud, we can mold the application according to how it should work for your business, no matter what size or scale. We understand the importance of superb customer service to every business, which is why we strive to help you empower your team to serve your customers better in every way.

  • Automation of certain tasks and workflows to reduce time in case handling
  • Set up of comprehensive Knowledge Base in multiple languages to lower call volumes and empower customers towards self-service
  • Set up of new channels to capture a wide range of cases
  • Creation of mobile customer support solutions so agents can handle cases in real-time from anywhere
  • Set up of case team collaboration tools so agents can work together to close cases quickly

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Einstein Analytics

Unlock the full power of your business data

Salesforce’s business intelligence tool, Einstein Analytics, gives you fast, accessible and real-time data insights into every corner of your business. Use any device to view data in visually stunning dashboards. Easily spot trends and track KPI’s so you can take immediate action where it’s needed.

What we offer

By tailoring Einstein Analytics to your specific business and operational needs, we can make it much easier and more enjoyable for your team to explore data, gather actionable insights and share results.

  • Strategy & planning for tailoring Einstein Analytics to fit your exact requirements
  • Architecture & design for beautiful, intuitive dashboards for quick access and data analysis with no technical knowledge required
  • Design & implementation of ETL processes for data source integration
  • Creation of Einstein Analytics dataflow to transform datasets based on your business needs
  • Set up of secure logins that respect your organization’s chain-of-command
  • Registration of datasets to be made available for queries to easily find the data you need

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Create campaigns with maximum engagement

Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Pardot for B2B Marketing are cutting-edge Digital Marketing platforms that help you innovate your Marketing efforts. They give you the power to create unique marketing experiences that focus on building deep customer relationships. Gain valuable insights on marketing campaigns and easily identify which ones are actually working.

What we offer

We help you become more customer-centric in carrying out your marketing initiatives. We implement and customize Marketing Cloud and Pardot so they’re aligned with your business goals. Have the ability to execute data-driven strategies by integrating the platforms with your Salesforce CRM and see a 360-view of all customer engagements throughout the lifecycle.

  • Establishment of 1:1 communication for personalized interactions
  • Execution of cross-channel campaigns directly from one platform and maximize touchpoints in various stages of the buyer journey
  • Segmentation of your database for highly targeted campaigns
  • Implementation of closed-loop reporting to help you see which campaigns are most effective and which ones need other iterations for improvement