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Top 3 Tools to Enhance Customer Retention

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When it comes to leveling up your business and improving customer retention, the first thing that comes to mind is digital transformation. The main driver for this is the need to solve shifting and growing business challenges and scale your system’s productivity when it comes to supporting customer needs. An excellent way to ramp up and reduce waste is to implement tried and tested technical tools.

This is where Groundswell and Salesforce come in – to scale your internal resources and provide better customer retention. Let’s look at three essential ways to improve your customer retention processes without reinventing the wheel.

Faster & Better Connections

The best way to ensure superior customer service and satisfaction is by creating processes that provide your team and customers with convenient and seamless opportunities to connect wherever and whenever they need. Working with Groundswell and Salesforce means you can easily track your leads at every stage while engaging with them regularly.

Groundswell can effectively design the custom process you need to increase first-contact resolutions, and lower additional calls and chat volumes, leveraging Salesforce’s Experience Cloud and Service Cloud. This is achieved by having access to real-time data and dashboards which you can access on the go.  

A white customer, a gentleman, has his laptop open using the Sally Beauty chatbot to answer his immediate questions and help him navigate the site to buy things for his partner therefore helping Sally Beauty with Customer retention thanks to Salesforce and Groundswell Cloud Solutions

Branded Custom Portals for Customer Retention

When offering useful tools for your customers, portals are a great way to present your company information in a digestible manner. We will guide you in leveraging Salesforce best practices to integrate your unique needs, such as displaying different messaging for each of your unique customer segments. 

Using Experience Builder you can personalize the experience you want your customers to know about your brand, while also creating a great intuitive tool for your team. For example, your custom portals can have additional features to help remind your team when it is time to follow up using personalized surveys with 30-, 60-, or 90-day check-ins.

Robust Integrations

When servicing customers it is vital for your team to have easy access to holistic customer profiles showing a 360° view of their interactions with you. Applying robust integration solutions to existing automated processes is an important place to start. As industry leaders, Groundswell and Salesforce offer flexibility to help you make the most of your legacy tools while also integrating all your service channels into an integrated and seamless solution, so your team can deliver effective service to your customers. From marketing to sales, finance, and support, we will help you leverage Salesforce to put your customers first at the core. 

Without needing to create custom features from scratch, Groundswell Accelerators are the smart business platforms and applications you need. Be one step ahead of the crowd and create your own competitive advantage with solutions including the B2B2C Accelerator, the Distributed Marketing Accelerator, and the Task Management App. Using our dynamic templates, you can now easily implement additional capabilities that make sense for your evolving business needs and industry requirements.

Our goal at Groundswell is to help streamline your processes and to assist you in leveraging technology to optimally analyze your customer data. We will help you work smarter and faster to increase customer retention by accessing information from anywhere and better track KPIs to scale your business services. Contact us today to find out how we can work together:

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