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Salesforce: The New Normal of Customer Engagement

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Building a loyal customer base does not happen overnight. No matter what metrics you use to measure success, customer engagement is key to moving your leads and prospects through the customer journey to increase retention rates. It is crucial to create a smart engagement strategy that automates processes and delivers a quick dashboard preview of all campaigns. 

Salesforce Marketing and Experience Clouds can be used to achieve brand loyalty and customer retention with drag-and-drop features. You can now collect customer feedback and relevant performance data to pivot your strategies.

Enhance Every Customer Touchpoint

Customer touchpoints go beyond providing quality customer service and support. To improve customer experiences your brand needs to be omnipresent. Salesforce takes the pressure off one team delivering superior customer experiences to the entire team, including customer service, operations, and sales. Salesforce can help you start by creating workflows to capture knowledge about your customer and personalize interactions within every touchpoint. Customers now expect to quickly and intuitively connect with a brand, so the digital experiences designed and delivered help them engage and take action.

Experience Cloud allows you to offer a set of helpful content through online portals and chatbots. You can easily create a customer support center and produce relevant content based on customer history. Go even further with Marketing Cloud to optimize emails with personalized and dynamic content to meet each customer’s needs in real-time. Easily link all your customer and service data together so that your team can be prepared for the next best actions for customers.

Younique Customer Engagement

Younique fully transformed their digital marketing capabilities with Marketing and Experience Cloud tools to strategically communicate with their presenters and customers in an engaging, personalized, and timely manner. The main solution delivered includes a custom presenter mobile app with high-level vital metrics to track monthly numbers, earnings, and progress, as well as reporting features to meet team goals. Working with Groundwell, they crafted measurable digital marketing strategies to drive focused journeys through social media to crucial their customer segments and continue to stay innovative and top of mind in the commerce space. 

Build Customer-Centric Processes

Customer-centric processes can be accomplished by data collection, including customer surveys and developing online strategies such as social listening or tracking trends. The more you know about your customers, the better you can engage and impress them. Grow the ability of your customers to be active decision-makers as they see the purpose of your products and services. Developing personalized communications and curated virtual live events will allow your customers to get an insider look into your brand, while also seeing that you are in tune with their interests.

Collecting and addressing customer needs is simplified with Experience and Marketing Cloud by capturing behavioral insights in real-time while delivering the right content and offers. This includes choosing the right visual engagement tools to develop that better engage your audience. Implementing chatbots, and knowledge article portals that can be created in under two weeks, are two examples of leveraging customer-centric processes and reducing churn.

Camp Gladiator Customer Engagement

With Marketing Cloud you can actually connect through real-time events like purchases, mobile app downloads, or closed service cases and adjust your journeys based on current and predicted behavior. Leverage reporting to take action on performance and changing trends. This is how Groundswell utilized Salesforce solutions for Camp Gladiator to empower their trainers with an action plan and up-to-date information about programs to engage and retain their campers.

Connect All Digital Touchpoints

Customers don’t actually just buy products, but solutions to their unique challenges. Most customers will find your company by searching for answers to common questions or issues online. It is vital to connect all digital touchpoints with your customers to help position your brand as the solution they are looking for and to reinforce brand recognition and loyalty.

Salesforce Experience Cloud will help you to build sites, landing pages, mobile apps, and other digital touchpoints to engage with customers. Consolidating all your processes into a single source will help with tracking your new customer engagement workflow for elevated success. Linking with Marketing Cloud, you can create fully seamless customer experiences across every touchpoint including email, mobile, digital ads, sales, commerce, and service. Salesforce solutions work together to unite marketing, commerce, sales, and service in the overall customer journey to increase engagement and satisfaction.

Sally Beauty Better Customer Engagement

For example, Sally Beauty was able to reduce their sales team’s reliance on their customer support team for information by creating a centralized collaboration hub. Not only did Groundswell launch Einstein chatbots in just seven days, but we also provided additional support to empower  Sally Beauty’s distributed sales consultants to turn data into personalized prices, offers, and products. Custom-developed dashboards allow consultants to view lead and customer information, plus manage and track new prospects coming from offline sources.

Navigating the new normal of customer engagement starts with actively connecting and interacting with customers at every touchpoint and opportunity. Salesforce helps your brand stay consistent with carefully crafted on-brand messaging that is driven by customer data from all internal sources. Marketing and Experience Clouds create the perfect formula to deliver positive end-to-end customer experiences throughout their entire journey with your brand.

Groundswell is here to support your team and your customers, increase productivity, optimize touch points throughout the customer journey, and enhance team collaboration. Contact us today to discuss a customized solution for enhancing your sales process at every level.

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