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3 Important Uses of Salesforce Experience Cloud

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Experience Cloud empowers you to boost your competitive advantage by reinventing your customer digital experience fast, without months of costly development.

With this Salesforce tool, you can create secure and protected portals, microsites, and help centers that seamlessly integrate with all your data. Whether you are leveraging Salesforce’s depth and connectivity to launch a self-service portal, or to deploy a mobile app, Experience Cloud is optimized to address changing buying behaviors swiftly. Here are three use cases demonstrating strong ROI for Groundswell’s clients.

Building Secure Customer Journeys

What do we mean by customer journeys? What is a digital experience? These are all terms used when examining how a customer tangibly engages with your brand. In general, the digital experience or journey is a big piece of the overall customer journey across physical and online points of interaction. 

What sets Salesforce Experience Cloud apart is the ability to custom develop rich, intelligent digital experiences that are fully integrated with all departments so that at every touchpoint the team works with the most current database. By linking each point of contact in one secure backend platform, such as a full record of sales activity and marketing preferences, agents can work smarter and easily deliver better support.

Delivering Personalized Content with Salesforce Experience Cloud

Building convenient and easy-to-use points of interaction with a brand is what keeps customers loyal. A big part of customers connecting with a brand includes crafting relevant digital experiences to inspire extra loyalty and even evangelism. Using Salesforce Experience Cloud will improve how your team progressively creates more personalized touchpoints, utilizing the Lightning dashboard with robust analytics, that will create deeper brand connections. 

Since Salesforce knows your customers’ journey is unique to your business, with the use of the Experience Builder you can seamlessly personalize attributes, such as the title or role, location, account status, and even purchase history. Making anything custom or addressing new buying behaviors does not need to involve a lot of work – with drag-and-drop tools and pre-built templates you can seamlessly create compelling and engaging digital experiences. 

Enabling Camp Gladiator Trainers and Campers with Salesforce Experience Cloud

Offering Responsive Self-Serve Tools

Nowadays, using several solutions to drive a single digital journey cycle is no longer feasible: gathering data points from numerous sources and touchpoints and linking them properly will make it harder for your team to serve customers well, putting your team behind the competition. Salesforce Experience Cloud equips you to create fully connected experiences, supporting multiple touchpoints to link data at every point to provide a 360-degree customer view.

Experience Cloud’s AI-powered website builder with pre-built apps and low-code web tools will ease your processes of launching business solutions for your partners, customers, and employees. Tools such as Lightning Bolt incorporate best practices and components that integrate seamlessly into your industry-specific experience. Deliver seamless journeys with responsive portals offering intelligent recommendations and build stronger relationships with your customers or partners. 

Staying nimble is vital for companies to continue to provide excellent online customer experiences. Experience Cloud allows you to continually improve and iterate on the experience customers have with your brand and your business while helping to eliminate friction and churn. Contact us today to find out how we can work together:

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