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How to Have an Easy Onboarding Experience

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Customer experience is key, but aren’t business partners and employees like customers too?

At Groundswell, we pride ourselves on being enablers of success, and no one knows the onboarding experience entirely as we do. Our team knows first-hand the challenges and importance of onboarding, especially in this era of “the great resignation,” where people change roles and explore new careers. Whether it’s a new Groundsweller’s first day or we’re helping clients onboard other team members to Salesforce, empowering recruits to hit the ground running is we know getting the right start is crucial to employees’ success at any company.

It’s essential to uplift individuals from day one – from Experience Cloud to Marketing Cloud, we’ll give you some critical steps to impress employees, clients, and competitors alike.

The first step to having an easy onboarding experience is proper tools and strategy.

In order to have an easy onboarding experience, the proper support tools are needed to enable new colleagues to succeed to their fullest potential. But before we get to tools, let’s talk strategy.

Everyone loves making an excellent first impression, so it’s integral that all new team members have the proper support on their first day. Our proven process helps Groundswell get to know your business’s ins and outs to build a clear point of view and roadmap forward. Part of this is getting in-depth with each persona making up your organization’s hiring to understand what they need from your onboarding process. 

We recognize and understand the issues facing your onboarding process and love bringing various ideas and options to your business and helping you find the perfect solution.

Guide New Hires with Marketing Cloud Journeys 

Making sure a new employee is comfortable, and a part of the team can be made easy with Marketing Cloud (MC) Personalization. Support and communication from the day they sign their contract is an opportunity to build personalization and start them on their journey.

Starting work remotely in different locations and time zones can be tricky, so customizing team members’ first days is now more critical than ever.

With Marketing Cloud, you can customize and fine-tune your approach with user-friendly AI algorithms powering your personalization strategies by automatically cataloging and capturing the exact information each new hire will find necessary to their onboarding experience and providing machine-learning recommendations. Using this actionable data, you can also send out personalized surveys establishing a 30-, 60-, or 90-day check-in through their onboarding journey with ease and helping your employees improve this process over time.

The first two weeks are crucial: Concerns about your company are either confirmed or relieved.

The easier you can make the first few weeks for your employees, the better, as this can lead to a greater retention rate. In fact, with technical tools to onboard, training activities, and other growth-driven strategies, employees are more likely to stay with an organization for more than three years.

With Marketing Cloud, you can align your new hires using the Next Best Action tool to guide them through training programs and growth activities personalized to their specific roles and needs.


of employee turnover happens in the first 45 days

The Society for Human Resource Management

But don’t take our word for it: see how we empowered Younique’s users by providing them with the Next Best Action, from onboarding and training to knowledge transfers. Read more about their success story here.

Younique is a Direct Sales cosmetics company that needed to increase retention with their Presenter base. The main component of Younique’s Presenter communication tools we built was an always-on New Presenter Onboarding Journey. This guides new hires well past that vital 45 days when an employee passes judgment on your business.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers an easy onboarding experience for HR and new hire alike. Just drag and drop with what colourful campaign builder shown in this image.
Create a clear path with Marketing Cloud’s 
Drag & Drop Campaign Builder
 for each stage of the onboarding journey

User-Friendly & Interactive Experience with Easy Access to Documentation

Experience Cloud allows you to route individuals to the right place based on the information given. Because enterprise companies usually have big intake waves, it can be harder to make a personalized impact with new hires, so there is a greater risk of these employees getting lost in a sea of lacking information or information overload. Implementing a rich onboarding experience with AI-driven processes delivers a complete management solution. 


Samsara is a leading tech company whose business focus is fleet management, including many partners, accounts, and data points to organize. Their partners needed a straightforward onboarding process with single sign-on functionality. We built Samsara and Experience Cloud Partner Portal to reduce time-consuming manual tasks across the organization. Read their success story here


An interactive experience makes it easy for employees to build a community for their co-workers. For example, engagement software lets you highlight top employees who contribute day-in and day-out by giving employees shout-outs and praise with an online interactive leaderboard. With Experience Cloud’s data-driven sites, you can deliver connections fast and accelerate your company’s growth. 

58% of new employees who go through a structured onboarding program are more likely to be with the organization after 3 years.
Samsara's partner portal was built with Salesforce Experience Cloud and offer and one stop location for updated information, knowledge articles, and documentation to make an easy onboarding experience for partners.

With Experience Cloud, Samsara partners can now access documentation, knowledge articles, and updated information, all from a single location.

69% of people feel companies could improve onboarding by using more videos.

Wyzowl Customer Onboarding Statistics 2020

An interactive experience makes it easy for employees to build a community with their co-workers. For example, engagement software lets you highlight top employees who contribute day in and day out by giving employees shout-outs and praise with an online interactive leaderboard.

With Experience Cloud’s data-driven sites, you can deliver connections fast and accelerate your company’s growth. 

Integrate with Other Training Tools and Systems  

Groundswell knows that reinventing the onboarding experience can be a lot to undertake. Sometimes, there is no need to reinvent the wheel but rather adapt and make it work for you.

Our favorite thing is bringing the power of Salesforce to clients, and sometimes that involves merging the best of both worlds. We can integrate with payroll and other HR software your team loves, whatever software you currently use—we lay out all the various integration options in our Project Discovery. 

Have you tried Salesforce and not seen the value you expected? We can help there too.

Journeys are important to us, and assisting others to succeed is our first goal. Whether a subsidiary company, partner, or employee: put the correct information at their fingertips with our help. Why do it the hard way? We provide user-friendly solutions to your problems and are just a click away. Contact us now to see how Salesforce can set up your new hires for success today. 

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