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High-Value Salesforce Strategies

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With hybrid work and online shopping more and more the ‘new normal’, customers and shoppers now have more access to channels and options, with growing expectations, than ever before. Retailers must be ahead of the game at digital transformation and unifying them with physical touchpoints. Salesforce implementations offer fast time to market, consistent ROI, improved online engagement, and, most importantly, bolster company data and digital processes management. With over 10 years of experience and over 600 certifications under our belt, discover high-value Salesforce strategies that you can start implementing today!

Four Effective High-Value Salesforce Strategies

High-Value Salesforce Strategies. From Marketing Cloud, Experience Cloud, Service Cloud, and Sales Cloud get more bang for your buck!

Experience Cloud: Know Your Customers Better

In the Retail industry, it can be hard to know where to begin with numerous digital platform solutions, or to gauge what will bring the best value for your business needs. While defining your workflow issues is an excellent path to finding a solution, it may just be a short-term fix. To achieve a better return on investment, consider the impact of a long-term solution that allows companies to be innovative and proactive.  

Put your customer at the center with Experience Cloud. Create new ways to easily engage your customers and employees, leading to a better way to care for and drive brand loyalty. Build regular processes to proactively analyze why your customers are reaching out to route towards the best online resource suited to help intelligently. Through automated communications, build big retail pushes around holidays to drive effective loyalty campaigns that are also individually personalized.

> Explore how döTERRA created an internal knowledge base for their advocates while providing an easy-to-access public-facing help center for customers with visibility into shipping, tracking, and returns.

Reps can also work better with AI-assisted retail marketing or support workflows, scripts, and access to digital shopping carts. Our team has unlocked significant value for our clients by functionality for visualizing customer interactions and transaction history on a single screen while instantly integrating with external CRM, helpdesk, and collaboration systems, including Shopify, Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and more.

Allowing customers to Interact with your brand on their channel of choice, including video chat, social media, live chat, SMS, and email, is a strategic move for demonstrable ROI. 

Marketing Cloud: Engage Your Customers Better

Marketing Cloud can make prospective customers loyal through tailored email marketing journeys to engage your audience in new and powerful ways. Especially when it comes to retail interactions, it empowers you to consistently deliver frictionless shopping experiences for every customer, every time. By knowing your customers better, there is an opportunity to grow and even branch out to different demographics by optimizing each campaign for every channel and device.

> Take a look at how Groundswell delivered Chatbots to Sally Beauty in just seven days and they quickly saw the value in their investment!

Customers are now used to blurring the lines between how they connect with brands in digital and physical channels. This new engagement calls for innovative touchpoints such as smart SMS that are personalized and delivered right on time. Utilize AI to tailor your messaging around recommended items and digital marketing campaigns based on each shopper’s needs.

Empowering sales associates with augmented tools is another strategy for retailers to help build a strong connection with their brand; Marketing Cloud ensures the most meaningful data points are consistently at associates’ fingertips, centralizing critical information about customer accounts and orders.

Service Cloud: Support Your Customers Better

Providing excellent customer service is more attainable than ever with the help of smart digital tools. Some of the top Service Cloud features we have implemented with proven results include embedding chat and messaging across channels, help center portals, and knowledge articles with frequently asked questions.

> Read more about how Younique has automated routine interactions with self-service portals and apps, to ensure customers feel heard, with Service Cloud.

With Service Cloud, your team will have all the required customer information to resolve issues faster and optimize resources to drive productivity. Increase first-time fix rate by allowing customers to book phone or video appointments through a customer portal. Empower your sales and support reps to handle customer queries and issues in real-time with quick-to-implement chatbots. Use AI to maintain an empathetic tone and find the right voice for your brand.

Sales Cloud: Track Your Customers Better

Loyalty is valuable to any retailer’s business strategy to increase purchase frequency, retention, and customer lifetime value. Many retailers are replacing their legacy systems with robust cloud solutions to keep up with new customer retention trends. Sales Cloud empowers retailers to surface opportunities to truly get to know their consumers through reward programs, discounts, rebates, and promo codes to encourage purchases. 

> Discover how Compass Coffee was able to create more visibility to key metrics and insights on sales communication all in one place, improving the customer nurturing process.

One of the ways retailers can implement better sales strategies includes custom forms to process new orders, gather product information, and create field validations to ensure accurate data capture. Track your leads and customers from click to sale and make better decisions about where to invest while optimizing your campaigns across every channel.

Stay nimble and flexible with a robust retail platform that allows you to run your entire operations from one source of truth – integrating your various departments, including finance, services, sales, and marketing, by facilitating smooth data flow to develop a single view of your customer and equipping your staff to perform better. Contact us today to find out how we can work together:

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