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Ten Reasons to Work at GyanSys Canada

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Why work at GyanSys?

GyanSys is unlike other technology consulting companies. Collectively our team is redefining what a consulting firm looks like in the Salesforce ecosystem. GyanSys is a place where the most extraordinary minds work together and help each other, but that’s not the only reason why we are the best place to work. Let’s count down the top ten reasons to work at GyanSys Canada! 

10. Travel

One of the perks of working at GyanSys is traveling to the clients’ head office for meetings. We genuinely believe in the power of in-person collaboration, which means that working side-by-side with the client when possible is a must, wherever they may be, which means virtually too. We want to make the transition to Salesforce as smooth as possible for our clients no matter where we are. We attend many Salesforce events like Connections, Trailhead DX, World Tour Chicago, Dallas, New York, and of course, Dreamforce.


The pandemic has completely halted our travel for the time being as the safety of our employees and clients is of the utmost importance to us. Still, we look forward to getting back to traveling soon! 

9. Trust & Feedback 

GyanSys’s foundation is built on our shared values of Passion, Teamwork, and Trust. We also value feedback! More importantly, we value humble, helpful, and immediate feedback. We have a culture that places a high value on feedback, which allows us to support our team in many ways, including both professional and personal goals. We have routine one-on-ones, and mid- and end-of-year reviews, which help enable our teams’ success. We love cheering our team on, and do weekly shoutouts to highlight the fantastic work we do: no matter how big or small, we love acknowledging our team. We tie shoutouts to our shared values, as they anchor every critical decision we make and every interaction we have.

8. Friday Retros 

We keep the office stocked with healthy snacks, a coffee machine with quality beans that can make other hot drinks – and the Bubly sparkling water is, of course, to die for! 

Still, the best part of our kitchen is that it allows us to get together for social events. Friday is when we all get together at 4 p.m. to have a drink and chat. Our conversations range: from upcoming driving tests; to teammates’ next big hike or travel plans; to the latest podcasts we’re obsessing over; and more! Whatever the topic, GyanSys Stars are always up for chatting with beer, Bubly, or cider in hand.

7. Learning & Growing 

Growth isn’t always a linear path: there are many trails you can take throughout your Salesforce career. Here at GyanSys, we know your plan might change, so we account for different directions and enable people to move up or across our organization. One-to-one meetings with your manager allow you to identify your career aspirations and co-create a development plan. Grow at GyanSys with study groups for certifications; Leader Lab and Team Leader Lab training; agile training; and the Making Waves Series, which offers a regular cadence of opportunities for GyanSys Stars to develop their soft skills and professional knowledge.

6. Anniversary Benefits 

We have such unique GyanSys Anniversary gifts! After three years with us, you will take a food tour for two around historic Granville Island. At five years, you travel by seaplane and tour Vancouver. And after ten years … let’s just say you will be traveling further!

5. Hybrid Work Culture 

We value our people and a healthy work-life balance. That is why we offer a hybrid work model, so each employee can balance their work life and personal life in a way that suits them. If they choose, employees can work from home for up to 80% of the year. For team days, training, and important events we do encourage team members to come into the office so that we can collaborate in person. Our team is looking to expand where we can work from and is constantly working on ways to improve this new way of working.

4. Impact Team

Serving at FoodBank
Leo, Diana, and Melissa giving out food at the GVFB

We love giving back and making a difference here at GyanSys. We have a team dedicated to keeping us involved in the community and bettering it. Last year we donated over $19,000 to different Canadian organizations: from Mom2Mom, to Vancouver Rape Relief, to Skills For Hope. This year we have donated $1,400 to Covenant House, $4,000 to BC Children’s Hospital, and $5,000 to Unicef. We have a lot more charity work and donations planned for later this year, along with more opportunities for our team to get involved and make an impact on our community. 

3. Work you are passionate about

GyanSys Stars are fundamentally passionate about the work we do, and we absolutely love chatting about it. In fact, we have a whole #technical Slack channel to discuss tips, tricks, and changes in the platform. No matter the project, we put everything into what we do to enable the success of our clients. We push the boundaries of the technology and can provide a rich experience for our client’s customers. We work with multi-billion dollar publicly traded companies that reach millions of users all around the world. 

2. Fun Activities

We love getting together for fun, from weekly yoga classes to our annual summer picnic. Our events team is dedicated to organizing activities for the entire company. From cooking classes to axe throwing to group paint nights, whatever you want to do, someone at GyanSys probably wants to do it together! For fans of the world’s most beautiful game, GyanSys also has its own soccer team.

1. Our People 

The best thing about working at GyanSys and what makes our company culture strong is – our people! GyanSys Stars are unique, kind, and friendly folks who care about their work and co-workers. All the points above would be nothing without the fantastic individuals who work here and make GyanSys everything we are. 

Join us! Check out our Careers page for job opportunities.

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