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3 Uses of Salesforce Sales Cloud

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It’s no secret that sales teams sometimes have the hardest schedules and workloads. While your team is experienced, it’s vital to provide the right tools to maximize their output. Salesforce Sales Cloud will automate daily repetitive tasks and workflows while delivering data from a single source of truth right at your fingertips.

Groundswell helps many customers enhance sales productivity with customized workflows and streamlined data analytics. By creating a highly productive workspace with enablement tools, your team can foster deeper customer connections, and deliver custom proposals to meet unique needs.

Optimize Sales Potential with Lead Management

One of the most important goals for any sales team is expanding opportunities and creating targeted outreach plans. This demands the use of automated processes that offer detailed information on a single screen, to better track leads and make smarter decisions. 

With Sales Cloud, your team can create opportunity details that seamlessly feed data into the sales pipeline and provide real-time forecast visibility to help grow your business. The ability to create a single source of truth will also enhance your team’s ability to grow deals more quickly than ever before. 

Compass Coffee and Sales Cloud

It’s crucial to stay on top of your business by collecting all the relevant insights your team can act on. Groundswell has harnessed the power of Sales Cloud to develop rich activity timelines with automatic lead scoring and routing, as well as tracking emails and social media to know where and how your leads reached out to your team. Compass Coffee was able to expand visibility to key metrics on sales activities with dashboards that feature sales forecasts, trends, leads, and customer preferences all in a single location. By incorporating Sales Cloud industry best practices, Groundswell helped improve the tracking of deals, reduced manual data input, and improved lead nurture workflows. 

Increase Productivity with Opportunities Management

The best way to never miss out on any sales opportunities is to stay connected with your prospects to learn about their key contacts, company history, and internal communications. This is where Sales Cloud Opportunity Management will be an especially useful feature for your sales team. 

This dashboard allows sales teams to easily update and share up-to-date information on the current status of customers, their company details, quotes and documentation sent, plus notes on services and products that seem to best suit them – all with a click of a button. 

Using this tool, your team will also be able to access key customer information directly from their email with Relationship Intelligence in a pinch, and if you also work with a partner network you can share goals, activities, and new promotions through a branded portal. 

Samsara and Sales Cloud

Samsara, a leading tech company, worked together with Groundswell to create a partner management tool that assigned deals to specific partners and provide accurate partner performance tracking. By implementing deal routing and tracking features for their system, Groundswell helped them to gain clarity into key revenue indicators and to quickly take action using metrics on areas underused by their partners. Now, Samsara can also manage and keep track of all the published content and news for partners.

Improve Collaboration & Profitability with Sales Automation

Sales Cloud gives you the tools to foster collaboration and innovation within your sales team. By changing the way information is managed and shared, you can track deals and competitive information to close faster. 

Easily share files securely, discuss them within your team, and publish the most relevant content for your leads and partners. With the easy-to-use search capabilities, you can quickly access what you need, and act on your projects without missing a beat. The Sales Cloud system also allows you to sign up for notifications alerting you to any changes the team makes.

California Closets and Sales Cloud

Working together with Groundswell, California Closets was able to integrate their partner and client systems, consolidating a single source of truth leveraging Mulesoft for a uniform Salesforce system. By ensuring data integrity, the team can make better decisions through the Sales Cloud dashboards that provide a live snapshot of the business. The Groundswell team also developed a mobile app for California Closets’ designers, with up-to-date information on appointments to ensure more personalized consultations.

Groundswell, using Sales Cloud, was able to automate financial metrics to better support Udemy, including developing a framework that calculates ARR and other metrics that are generated from subscriptions, contract renewals, and other recurring billing cycles. This new system can accurately perform calculations for a number of complex scenarios, including standard cost/seat methodology, ramp seating, and freemium models.

Sales Cloud makes your sales process smarter at every step of the cycle – from lead generation to opportunity management and sales collaboration. Let us help your salespeople sell faster: generate more leads, close more deals, and increase productivity. The Groundswell team will create the custom and optimized sales solution with your unique requirements in mind. Contact us today to discuss a customized solution for enhancing your sales process at every level.

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