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Service Cloud Voice: What’s the hype all about?

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Juggling multiple communication channels for your business’ support center? Need to streamline your customer service process? Most of the clients I work closely with have the same challenges for their support teams. That’s why I am so excited about the new Service Cloud Voice capabilities in Salesforce Service Cloud!

Service Cloud Voice brings together the power of Omni-Channel and CTI to integrate your voice channel with your other support channels enabling the ability to handle all your communication needs in one place. Agents can now utilize the Omni-Channel widget and softphone to take and receive calls instead of an additional phone widget for any telephony provider chosen. It integrates voice, digital channels, and CRM data into one solution, making communication with your customers much more efficient. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love efficiency?

Personalize Customer Experience

But that’s not all! Service Cloud Voice also provides a more personalized customer experience, as you have the ability to view customer data from all channels in one place right when you answer the customer’s call. And who doesn’t love a personalized touch? It’s like when your barista at Starbucks knows your name and order before you even say anything. It just feels good!

And if you’re anything like me, you’ll love the automation features provided by Service Cloud Voice. You can automate certain tasks such as call logging, which can increase your team’s efficiency and productivity. You can also set up defined after-conversation work times to allow your agents just the right time between their phone interactions with customers. Plus, you can use features such as call transcripts, call recordings, and speech analytics to gain insights into your customer’s needs and preferences. In addition, the power of Einstein monitors the call transcript and recommends the next best action to the agent or articles which may be beneficial to the interaction. It’s like having a crystal ball to see what your customers want before they even ask for it!

Service Cloud Voice Automation Features

Boost Efficiency & Productivity

Alongside all of this, Salesforce has also introduced a new Voice Call object for Service Cloud Voice. This record pops open when a call is initiated and provides that 360-degree view of the caller’s information as well as their related information – like Case History, etc. Not only does this have all of the information about the Caller and the Case that resulted from the call, but this also has all of the call metrics like when the call started, how long it was in the queue before it was received when it was accepted by an agent, and the call duration. Coupled with these metrics, this is where you can get to the transcript and recording of the call giving a centralized view of the customer call to the agents.

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room – Open CTI. Don’t get me wrong, Open CTI is great for handling voice calls, but it falls short when it comes to other communication channels, especially when you have blended agents working on multiple channels. It’s like having a hammer when you need a screwdriver – it just doesn’t work for every situation. 

Service Cloud Voice, on the other hand, is like having an entire toolbox at your disposal. You have everything you need to handle voice and integrate it with other communication channels with ease. This means it’s not only the customers and the agents who see the benefits of Service Cloud Voice but also supervisors as they can now see the Voice channel integrated into the Omni Channel Supervisor Dashboard. This also allows functionality such as supervisor whispers or barge-in if additional help is required for your agents, while the supervisor can now monitor interactions including the call transcripts for ongoing voice calls.

And there you have it, my uncomplicated breakdown of the benefits of Service Cloud Voice over Open CTI in Salesforce Service Cloud. It’s efficient, personalized, automated, and easy to use. Service Cloud Voice is the all-in-one solution that can take your customer service to the next level. And with more and more telephony providers adopting Bring Your Own Telephony (BYOT) offerings, going forward Service Cloud Voice will be the new go-to Telephony solution for integrating with Salesforce Service Cloud. The solution provides unparalleled benefits on the Salesforce platform which before had not been achievable through the Open CTI connector making Service Cloud Voice an attractive offering for new and existing customers alike!

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