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3 Smart Ways SaaS Companies Use Sales Cloud

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Sales Cloud helps companies to remove technical blockers and upgrade their current offerings to match current and future organizational changes. Whether your goal is to grow into new markets, upsell and cross-sell to existing customers, or streamline sales processes, there is a solution to all these challenges. Equip your team with demand generation, pipeline management, and reporting to generate revenues smarter.

Groundswell has worked with many tech clients on improving their Sales Cloud implementations to provide a real-time snapshot of the entire business and ultimately make better decisions.

Sales Automation & Productivity

One of the best ways you can utilize Sales Cloud is to sync all your financial and sales data on a single screen. Depending on your company structure we can customize Sales Cloud to tailor sales territory management capabilities, optimize sales processes, and close the gaps in existing processes to improve efficiency. Reduce disruption by streamlining all sales workflows to adapt to changing sales strategies.

Sales Cloud makes a visible difference in your sales processes with embedded AI to identify roadblocks in pipelines. Your management and sales reps can analyze data in real-time to focus only on the activities that drive growth. Accessing customer data is not only for your marketing team to handle; all sales opportunities will now be transferred to the team with detailed customer insights and provide a holistic view to impact your revenues. Groundswell’s Sales Cloud expertise allows departments to view activity history, contacts, interactions, and internal discussions with custom dashboards and track all leads from click to conversion across all channels.

Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ empowers teams to automatically pull and calculate data points in order to increase efficiency. If you specifically offer products with one-time, subscription, or usage-based pricing models, Groundswell has extensive knowledge about minimizing churn and automating complex billing rules and requirements.

Sales CPQ Dashboard

One of the unique features of Salesforce CPQ is creating automation natively with other core solutions to fit your needs and reduce many additional integration requirements (and associated costs). We have seen success developing CPQ processes with the power of the Lightning Platform​ and supporting a wide range of architectures and models. It will automatically account for any special pricing or product swaps during contract renewals and any amendments during the contract also are factored into the renewal opportunities.

Learn more about how Groundswell improved and scaled Udemy’s Salesforce instance to increase their B2B revenue with Salesforce CPQ.

Sales Forecast Management

If you are struggling to get an accurate view of your entire business to be able to take the right actions, Sales Cloud can help you with comprehensive forecasts, to track your top performers, and set the right goals. Especially when all or most of your data is within Salesforce, with the Forecasting app developed through our expertise in Tech, specifically for SaaS companies, you can automatically pull and calculate certain data points in order to increase efficiency.

Sales Cloud Forecast App/Management

Sales Cloud’s forecasting solutions help to build the right intuitive interface for sales reps which simplifies the submission of forecasted consumption values for every account they manage. With a  consolidated view of the business and team opportunities, management no longer needs to worry about data correction or last-minute adjustments. Removing all barriers to collaborate, communicate, and access information accelerates the process by allowing salespeople to focus more on selling. 

Explore how Groundswell helped provide better visibility into Slack accounts’ user consumption behavior to evaluate information in real-time.

Whether you need to completely revamp your sales processes, create new automated proposal workflows, improve pricing models, or enhance your forecasting methodology, Groundswell can implement the right solutions with Sales Cloud. Groundswell has extensive experience working with clients like Slack or Udemy to grow sales management initiatives, and make sure you are making the most of your internal and external data sources. Contact us today to find out how we can work together:

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