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Implementing with Agile

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Driven by a competitive consumer landscape, businesses are looking for ways to accelerate their time to market and for technology implementations to meet their ever-changing needs. To keep up and stay relevant, businesses need to be able to adapt, prioritize, and execute effectively, in other words, implement an agile approach. 

At Groundswell Cloud Solutions, we don’t see ourselves merely as your vendors. We are committed to partnering with you from the outset, working together to achieve long-term success. We put in the work to understand your business needs before proposing a customized, scalable solution, while our collaborative and agile process allows for faster benefits. 

Our agile delivery model incorporates the following key characteristics, providing transparency across our work:

  • Delivering tested, functional software, in short, timeboxed iterations
  • Accepting requirement changes between iterations to meet evolving business priorities
  • Encouraging your [client] involvement during each iteration to understand ambiguous needs
  • Transferring knowledge by giving your in-house teams hands-on experience in an agile environment

Agile Roadmaps to a Solution 

We get that every business is unique. As part of our discovery process, we work together with you to construct roadmaps and a solution overview that showcases the project’s scope, and its desired capabilities. These roadmaps are to ensure that the end solution meets your goals, scales appropriately, and fits with your bigger picture. 

Then, we start to develop a solution in increments, prioritizing the most critical pieces. Each one gives you a working version that you can use even if the project priorities change direction. After every increment, we evaluate the solution against specific criteria to ensure that it works for your users. Taking projects in increments enables us to add value quickly (even with one increment) and to turn complex business problems into more digestible pieces to eventually solve them. 

Agile Roadmap Method

Tailored For You

The agile methodology comes in a variety of flavors (SCRUM, SAFe, Spiral, etc.), and we work with our clients to define a framework and process tailored to their organization and the type of project. Smaller projects can be done using shorter sprints and smaller planning sessions, while more substantial projects might demand multiple scrum teams and more extensive planning sessions to identify dependencies and a governance board for oversight. This collaborative delivery model not only enables us to forge strong relationships with your in-house teams and encourage involvement but also empowers your organizations to become more productive through adopting agile delivery. 

Our firm’s size and structure mean we’re nimble enough to take your project to the finish line quickly, adapting to the methods that work best for your team.

Our agile delivery process has been shown to increase team output, shorten testing time, improve collaboration, establish higher predictability, and enhance team satisfaction. Contact us and see how an agile approach can benefit your organization.

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