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Value-Based Hiring is Worth the Merit

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Recruiting based on our values of Trust, Passion, and Teamwork means having employees who integrate faster, are more productive on teams and are more engaged, leading to higher retention. It’s just a matter of looking for the right traits. 

Values-based recruitment focuses not on who has the best experience but more on identifying how well a candidate’s principles align with the company. By doing so, we can find our future star players anywhere in the world. We showcase our values in our job adverts and the selection process where we can see the manifestation of these values within the candidate, their technical expertise, and their behaviour. 

We Go Beyond “Company Fit”

The term “company fit” can lead to recruiting people who look and sound like the majority of the company, potentially hurting goals related to diversity and inclusion. Hiring for matching values, rather than corporate fit, lets us find employees who mirror the way we think about our brand and our core concerns while bringing their unique viewpoints to the table, making us a stronger and smarter team. Because we have a unique group of people at Groundswell, we use this to our advantage by including various interviewers in each part of the selection process, this adds a flavour of diversity and provides a more well-rounded evaluation of each candidate and how they fit here. 

We Promote Collaboration 

Values are the fundamental blocks shaping our culture and defining our character as a company; they drive the intent and direction of our company’s leadership. Our Executive team participates in the interview process with prospective employees regardless of position. We do this to have a complete understanding of the candidate (what motivates them, their goals, what are their interests outside of work, etc.) instead of relying on words on a resume that are primarily skills-focused. During the interviews, the Exec team makes time to answer any questions candidates might have about our company, its purpose, and their long term vision at our firm so that candidates have full transparency on what this company stands for before deciding on the job offer. Our principles guide our behaviour, decision-making and a sense of what’s important and what’s right.

If you thrive in an inclusive team based on trust, believe “everyone is someone,” have a passion for leading-edge technology, and can add more magic to our culture—we may have just found each other. Please send us your resume for the role that excites you. 

If you do not see your dream role listed here, feel free to apply for future possibilities. We’re growing, and it is just a matter of time before other positions open up.

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