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The Life of a Salesforce Developer

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Meet Nirajan, a Salesforce Developer on a Technical Consulting Team at Groundswell! Nirajan has been on our team for two years and has shared what a day in his life looks like! 

Nirajan is a Salesforce Developer looking at his MacBook Pro. Next to him sits to white female coworkers looking at their MacBook Pro's and discussing something important. Nirajan has a slight smile, one hand hovered over his trackpad and he is wearing glasses.
Nirajan, a Developer, working on a computer in a meeting

A Typical Morning as a Salesforce Developer

After I have breakfast, I go through my morning routine to get into work.

I take some time to review any communications that were sent after I logged off the day before, checking messages from my team or checking emails from clients. Then I review what my day looks like on my calendar. I like to dedicate some prime screen real estate to the calendar, which I continue to check throughout the day to let me know what meetings/events are coming up. 

A common theme across my projects is to have scrum meetings in the morning. Everyone wants to address issues and make sure communication is open as everyone starts their day, so most of my meetings are in the morning before lunch. 


A man’s gotta eat! I block off time from meetings and work to make sure I get some good grub in. 


Although I am working throughout the morning, the afternoon is when meeting frequency and communication tapers off. I have more time to get into development mode, get focused, and get some work done. 

I’m not a 5 AM, get-up-for-a-run-and-do-yoga person (yet), so I am usually more mentally prepped to power through some big tasks in the afternoon. I try to avoid booking meetings during this time so I can use the afternoon for big development stories. Sometimes, we will have a Dev Team meeting in the middle of the afternoon where people schedule a time to talk about their work and share any interesting findings. That can be a nice break from development on projects. 

The work-life balance aspect of work is very important to maintain, especially when working remotely. After sending out any communications to be discussed the next day updating the team on progress, I log off right around five. 


How long have you been with Groundswell?

I started working for Groundswell during the beginning of the pandemic. I was in the office for a short week, and then suddenly, the world went into lockdown! So as of the time of writing this article, it has been two years that I have been with the company, mostly virtually!

What do you like most about what you do? 

When I was in school for Computer Programming, Salesforce Development wasn’t a route that many people talked, or even knew, about. What I like about working with Salesforce is that it is a widely used platform by many big companies (even if it’s in the background). I can recognize some new websites and services offered via the Salesforce platform in my day-to-day browsing; this technology feels relevant. 

I also like that Salesforce takes care of much of the setup work and just lets you create. I enjoy being able to quickly spin up ideas and get business use cases tested without having to deal with tedious setups every time. 

How did you come to choose this career path? 

I learned that this was a path I could take during my High school Web Development course while I was doing the basics of HTML and CSS and writing a few lines of JavaScript to write “Hello World.” I enjoyed customizing my little local site and adding as many CSS and JS effects as possible. Development always seemed like wizardry to me, but that class helped me realize that the documentation was there; I just had to learn it! 

I first heard about Salesforce from a friend and mentor after I brought up a few positions I had seen in the Salesforce ecosystem. He shared how he has always been interested in working with Salesforce and encouraged me to look into it and do the same! Three years later, and now I am here! 

What has been a recent win for you? 

In my opinion, especially in our industry, the primary purpose of working is to learn, with a byproduct being a deliverable. 

I recently finished a project where I worked alongside great mentors from whom I learned so much. These colleagues taught me new skills and helped me grow where I did not know there was room to grow!  For example, I got the opportunity to explore the functional consulting side of client work which I really enjoyed. It’s always good to be challenged, and to be allowed to practice skills like I was on this recent project was a great experience. 

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