Meet the
Technical Team

The Technical team is a cross-functional team. Along with the Functional team, we are responsible for delivering the solutions. We stay on top of new Salesforce capabilities in order to support our partners better.

a gentleman's back is turned to the camera and on the back of his black t-shirt in blue lettering it Cross-cloud Salesforce technical  experts

What we do

We develop high-quality, creative, validated and results-driven solutions to the most complex problems. Our team also includes QA members to ensure the quality of our solutions.

Our daily purpose

Our team thrives on collaboration to deliver a quality implementation. This includes:

  • Developing solutions
  • Maintaining quality coding standards
  • Implementing QA processes
  • Engaging in peer reviews
  • Keeping up-to-date on Salesforce capabilities
  • Learning & developing new skills 

Insights from our team

Hear from some of our Technical team members to learn why they love working at Groundswell.

John Anthony

Sr. QA Engineer

Nirajan Manandhar

Salesforce Developer

Gerauld Rivera

Marketing Cloud Product Lead

John Anthony,
Sr. QA Engineer

It’s one with a very healthy work culture, a great environment to work, and very friendly colleagues. I would say it’s a global organization because we have people from across the globe and just generally very inclusive. It’s very people-centric.

Nirajan Manandhar,
Salesforce Developer

I love being a Salesforce Developer because of the ease of getting a product up and running. It takes care of some of the usual setup and allows you to focus on creative problem solving and development.

Gerauld Rivera,
Marketing Cloud Product Lead

When you get onboarded in a new company you normally learn a lot of stuff but rarely do you [learn] who the company is and who you are working with. What’s great about Camp ProSurf is that it humanizes everything about [Groundswell’s] processes, the products that we are working on and selling, and even the actual people that you are going to work with.

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