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My Experience as a Groundswell Associate

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My Associate Experience

Juvraj, a Groundswell Associate. He is on the Functional Consulting team
Juvraj Garha

You often hear experiences of Interns (at Groundswell, we are called Associates) being either overworked with meaningless, tedious work or being treated more like an assistant than an Intern. Three months into Groundswell, I can assure you none of the “Intern” stereotypes hold a candle of truth here; I was brought in concurrently with experienced Full-Time, and New Grad hires and instantly treated equally. From training to the work I was assigned to the help and friendliness that I received from everyone at Groundswell, I have always felt part of the team. My Team Lead is always proactively ensuring that my personal growth and experience was the top priority, and through a comprehensive 5-week training program that outdid University Courses in terms of depth and teaching, Groundswell prepared me to work on new and growing technology in Salesforce and CRMs. 

My expectations coming into Groundswell were low because of the stories I had read on consulting-focused forums about “burnt-out” consultants. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I joined and met a team of individuals that cared about me as a person first and a consultant second. I was never given too much work or not enough work. It was always a balance that allowed me to thrive and put my best work forward. 

My biggest learning for sure has been in the Salesforce (SF) platform, where I went from zero knowledge to holding three certifications in specialized fields of SF in three months. Outside of the Salesforce ecosystem, I am learning how to work with executive management at different companies and strengthening my presentation skills, which are skills that can transfer to any industry.

Mistakes happen, whether in configurations or presenting to the client when the nerves hit, but Groundswell always felt like a lifeboat helping me stay afloat. During our mock presentation, my team messed up the first requirements gathering session, missing the ballpark almost entirely, but our manager was still positive through it all. It never felt like mistakes followed me or my journey in Groundswell but instead played a part in my growth. 

If given the opportunity, I would decide to work at Groundswell again ten times out of ten because of how much I have grown

– Juvraj Garha, a current Groundswell Associate

Finding an Intern/Associate Position

For any students looking for their first internship, I would recommend building and leveraging your network. I never would’ve realized that I would want to pursue consulting unless I had a close relationship with my Finance Professor, who helped me find opportunities in different industries. An easy ‘networking’ tip to get ahead of the competition is to connect with individuals at the company you’re working for and get to know them and their work experiences through a virtual coffee chat. Ask if they know anyone whom you can talk to who might be able to help you further, and nine times out of ten, they’ll connect you with the hiring manager, and ta-da! You’ve put yourself in the front of the hiring manager, and the ball is in your court to impress them! 

If given the opportunity, I would decide to work at Groundswell again ten times out of ten because of how much I have grown. If you have a yearning interest in Technology or Consulting, I recommend joining the team; you’ll grow personally and professionally while working with the leading CRM in the world! 

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