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Top Cactusforce 2023 Highlights & Takeaways

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This year’s Cactusforce at Phoenix was a great start to the year! The hybrid option brought many technical minds together to learn and collaborate together. Our team was honored and excited to present two great Salesforce topics that improve customer project needs and workflows. We also had the great opportunity to meet and greet with new connections.

Groundswell Making Waves at Cactusforce

Our team started the first day of the event by presenting their sessions with many attending in person and online. If you missed out on our experts’ detailed presentations, you can learn more below:

Recommended Cactusforce Presentations from our Team

The two-track event featured amazing topics from handling flow errors and optimizing Data Lifecycles to designing strategies for architects and Marketing Cloud journeys. Here are a few top session highlights that we think will help new or experienced developers think outside the box!

Go with the Flow… Uh Ohhh? Handling flow errors

What we liked about this presentation by Sandi Zellner was the great way she was able to break down how to be smart in using Salesforce Flows for long-term benefits for organizations. As a great accessible tool that is making our lives easier, Flows need to be diagrammed, debugged, tested, and observed. Take a closer look at this presentation to change the way you see and think about flows. 

> Get access to a more detailed overview of Salesforce Flows and how to debug them in our detailed article by our Service Cloud Product Lead, Matthew Donaldson.

> And if you are looking for additional resources on diagramming our Emerging Technologies Lead, Cameron Reid had a great presentation during #DF22 that you can download here.

Fantastic Frameworks for Fast, Feature Filled Flows

Learn more about Record-Triggered Flows in Salesforce with Evan Ponter as we all adjust to the retirement of workflow rules. While Salesforce continues to invest in enhancing what the flow engine is capable of, there are certain frameworks we can utilize to not keep reinventing the wheel. Discover how to use before-save flows and after-save flows to organize organization logic better and handle all of your declarative automation needs.

Asynchronous Automation

This presentation definitely piqued our interest in asynchronous automation (processes that operate independently of other processes) when faced with poor system performance. Melissa Shepard did a great job breaking down the terminology and went on to provide actual ways and methods on how to automate data operations with large volumes and heavy logic involvement. 

Observability for Salesforce

Another great presentation from Cactusforce centered around something we can all relate to – manual and time-consuming hours of work wasted and end-user angst when no proper framework is in place to track and monitor system errors and issues. Watch how Nikita Prokopev tackles applying the fundamentals of observability to Salesforce when it comes to error resolution processes to make a difference in workflows.

  • Leo Berardino at Cactusforce 2023
  • Colin Hamilton Presentation at Cactusforce 2023

Thanks for an incredible #Cactusforce2023! We are already excited to attend Cactusforce 2024.

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