Meet the
Functional Team

The Functional Team is focused on the consulting activities involved in delivering a project. Once the Engagement team completes the sales cycle, they hand over the client to us to begin the delivery of the project.

What we do

We understand a client’s challenges and pain points, and help them improve their business. For more complex and custom requirements, we’ll work with the technical team. 

Our daily purpose

We wear many hats to help take a project from start to completion. This includes:

  • Gathering requirements
  • Designing the solution and creating mockups
  • Configuring Salesforce
  • Writing UAT test scripts
  • Creating training materials and delivering training
  • Migrating data – Preparing for launch
  • Creating data models, process maps & more!

Insights from our team

​​Hear from some of our Functional team members to learn why they love working at Groundswell.

Sharina Bansal

Project Manager

Black and white image of an Irish man's face Fearghal MacNamara (brown hair and the start of a small mustache)

Fearghal MacNamara

Professional Services Manager

Michael Suey

Functional Consultant

Sharina Bansal,
Project Manager

At Groundswell, my experience has been awesome since my first day. I feel welcomed and proud to be part of an organization that ensures employee experience is nothing less than great. I feel that every Groundsweller can come together and help each other out, offer support, and collaborate in meaningful, productive ways. The empathetic leadership and mentoring support are next level! That is what makes me get out of my bed and go into the office every day.

Fearghal MacNamara,
Professional Services Manager

I love the conversations I have with my colleagues. Groundswell has such a diverse group of employees, it means you interact with people from all over the world on a daily basis. I have learned a lot about the different cultures and backgrounds of my teammates since joining, and the friendliness of all my colleagues has really helped me in moving from another country and settling in Vancouver.

Michael Suey,
Functional Consultant

As a new grad I was nervous about what my first full-time job would be like, but those fears disappeared the moment I joined Camp Prosurf. I feel really lucky to be able to start off my career in an environment where I feel supported to learn, fail and grow into the best consultant I can be.

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