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Completing SureWerx’s vision of a Full-Suite Solution

SureWerx is a manufacturing company that rigorously tests products, and sells safety and equipment solutions. Aiming to improve and streamline their processes SureWerx looked to Groundswell Cloud Solutions to revitalize their online hub, consolidating their constellation of business processes in one platform.

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Location:

     Co-headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and Vancouver, British Columbia

  • Scale:
    • 50 – 200 employees
    • ~ $46 Million in annual revenue
  • Salesforce Products:

    Sales Cloud, Platform, Experience Cloud

At a Glance

SureWerx embarked on a digital transformation initiative to combine their sales and business operations into a single platform. We leveraged the power of Experience Cloud to implement a two-fold project, which included a publicly accessible website and a partner portal to digitize the SureWerx Store in North America.

Highest Volume

Online ordering resulted in
the highest volume of sales out
of all SureWerx channels

Increased Sales

Groundswell’s Salesforce implementation for SureWerx led to an increase in orders

Saving Time

Groundswell built reusable components that can be applied to the various Experience Cloud pages

Custom Component Development

A combination of Out-of-the-Box functionalities and custom objects, along with custom code, was used to build Lightning components, facilitating enhanced scalability. Lightning Technology enables reusable components, empowering non-technical users to easily build and customize fresh pages in the Community without writing new code.

Private Distributor Community for SureWerx Distributors to browse Products and place orders at any given time
Private Distributor Community where Distributors can browse Products and place orders at any given time

Online ordering resulted in highest volume of sales amongst all channel

Data Model and Design Optimization

Since a previous contractor constructed a data model for SureWerx that was complex and hard to use, the company needed Groundswell for design improvements and enhancements. With Salesforce now serving as a CMS, Object Records store data and content accessed by Lightning Components and display on Community Pages. Now, the business can monitor and analyze shopping and order data easily and in real-time.

Pricing and product performance data is easier to understand and easier to action upon.

ERP System Integration

Real-time integration with ERP allowed Distributors to view inventory and tailored pricing for products based on their Account agreements with SureWerx. Objects such as Opportunities and Orders were utilized to fulfill the requirements of the Private Site in line with creating and submitting Orders through to the ERP system (no payment gateway integration).


of the material for the Private Community came from the previous project, reducing workload and complexity significantly. This saved SureWerx time and money, and we were able to bring this to market faster than expected.

Custom App Build with Complex Business Logic

Groundswell applied custom logic to handle Inventory limits, Order quantity multiples, Abandoned carts, and Warehouse/Distribution Center mappings. Previously SureWerx’s sales team leveraged traditional means to sell (e.g., email, phone, face-to-face) and were dependent on the availability of sales agents, who were limited to business hours. With SureWerx’s 24-hour digital storefront, the company can monitor purchase behavior such as high-traffic items or recent purchase history.

SureWerx 24-hour digital storefront to facilitate the distributor’s online orders at any given time
24-hour digital storefront to facilitate the distributor’s online orders at any given time

We wanted to make sure that the final solution meant that IT, marketing, and product managers would feel empowered and have more control over the website, even without a strong technical background.

SureWerx 24-hour digital storefront to facilitate the distributor’s online orders at any given time

Helping drive business forward

It was a pleasure to work with SureWerx and be a driving force behind their digital transformation and future success. We’re thrilled to have helped to bring about real and progressive change for this distributed manufacturing company.