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Why We Sponsor Local Events

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We are passionate about our people and technology. That’s why we love to support local events like hackathons in our community. We love sharing knowledge and enabling other people’s success by upskilling an assortment of local talent we can achieve both.

Investing in people’s success is a worthy cause and leads our community to a better future. Groundswell is more than the solutions we implement. We are, first and foremost, a team of passionate and trusting people who care for one another. 

We Are Better Together

We have no shortage of experts at Groundswell, ready to help anyone at a moment’s notice. Groundswell knows how valuable it can be to receive a helping hand. We help so many businesses reach their potential with powerful integrations and we realize people don’t wake up knowing everything: it is a process of trial, error, and growth. 

That’s why we cultivate an atmosphere of learning and a place of sharing ideas. We fund events in which we can directly help individuals in our community to teach them and grow that same passion for technology that everyone at Groundswell has. 

Teamwork is one of our core values. We believe you can’t go far without a reliable team and group of people behind you. Our creativity, originality and sincere dedication are what drives us, and that is something we love passing on to like-minded individuals. We are greater than the sum of our parts when we work together.

What Sponsorship Means To Us 

Community is all about people with similar values. It’s important to recognize people who understand us on a deep level. It’s what connects us as a society. It’s important to acknowledge differences and everyone’s unique individualism, but also look for what unites us. 

We seek to sponsor events with a similar ethos to ours, where we can support each other, and both benefit. Our values are crucial to guiding Groundswell and making sure we stay on the right path. When we partner with anyone we are committed to them. 

The Sponsored event needs to align with our values and demonstrate this trust and respect at every interaction. This mindset guides all of our decisions and actions. When we work together at an event, we bring our human kindness and integrity, and expect the same from our peers. It is through this support that we aim to empower and elevate who we sponsor to fulfill their potential as well as ours. 

Why Local? 

We love our city, and we get fired up about leveraging technology to empower others. Sponsoring local hackathons not only helps build brand awareness but puts us in front of the right demographic—a group of local developers who love learning. Connecting to this demographic is a chance for us to learn from a new perspective outside of Groundswell.  

We stay motivated by seeing our local community overcome challenges with the help we have provided, and seeing this passion grow for the technology someone builds. Our interns come from local universities, which is a meaningful connection to us. It’s inspiring seeing the creative and inquisitive spark in Vancouverites who are hungry to learn with every experience. 

Even though we’ve hired employees from all over the world, we still love Vancouver and are based here for a reason. It is a beautiful city with a thriving tech industry, and we celebrate supporting it further. 

Why do we sponsor local events? We sponsor locally because our local community is important to us.

Groundswell is proud to sponsor NwHacks 2021 Western Canada’s largest hackathon on January 9th & 10th and Cmd-F 2021 on March 6th & March 7th. Look for us Groundswellers at local events in the future and feel free to ask us questions, and get insights into what it is like to work in tech, business, or at Groundswell. If you have an event that aligns with our values and feel we would be a good fit, please let us know.  

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