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Kazakhstan to Canada: Leading by Values

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By Aiman Adelshiyeva

Hi there! My name is Aiman Adelshiyeva and I’m a Functional Consultant at Groundswell Cloud Solutions. I come from the beautiful country of Kazakhstan. I grew up on the West side of the country and completed my undergraduate education in the capital city, Astana. Since a child, I have always strongly aligned myself with the values of freedom of individuality and teamwork, and have always felt like a nomad. My values led me to explore, living in the US, China, the Netherlands, Russia, and now Canada.  I’ve always wanted to complete an MBA, and our dream with my husband was to live in a city where we’d have access to the beach and found that Vancouver would be a great fit. During the pandemic, we picked up our lives, began our relocation to Canada, and I started my MBA at Beedie School of Business, SFU. 

Aiman and her family
Aiman and her family at the 2022 company picnic

Discovering Groundswell

During the final semester of my MBA, I was busy exploring the Canadian job market and searching for opportunities. In one of the virtual career fairs organized by Beedie School of Business, I came across Groundswell Cloud Solutions. Alongside its name were other big companies that I’ve already known about so my curiosity brought me to Groundswell’s booth. By this time, I had already worked in a big corporate organization and now I was looking for a place where I could contribute to the company more than just with my professional experience. I was looking for a place to make an impact on the culture and day-to-day working environment. 

I had a half an hour conversation with the Technical Recruiter at the time, Culture and Communication Specialist, and Functional Consultant. Time passed by so quickly while we engaged in the most fun company meeting I’ve ever been a part of! I shared my background and experience with the team and they shared insights about Groundswell’s work, culture, and people. I remember coming out of that meeting feeling interested in meeting other people from this company. One of the things that stood out to me was how they all shared the same feelings about company culture being fun and interactive, and one that’s based on trust, passion, and teamwork (which happened to be the company’s values!). I felt that this was where I would want to be as it aligned with my values. Looking back at that conversation, just a bit over a year at Groundswell now, I still feel the same and share their passion for our company!

Aiman and teammate Flavio.

Adjusting to a New Role

It’s been a bit over a year since I joined Groundswell as a Functional Consultant, totally changing my career trajectory, industry, and work type. I joined a group of fascinating people and we all went through Camp ProSurf, Groundswell’s 6-week training for new grads and interns. Imagine starting a new job with a role that is new to you! I was scared if I was a good fit and if I’d make it work, but as I went through Camp ProSurf, supported by my teammates, my awesome manager, and our training manager, I found it so exciting and was able to adjust and thrive! People are the driving force that helped me adapt to my role and the company. Everyone is an expert in their field, open to communication and offering their help. I knew these types of people are the ones I wanted to be surrounded by. 

Experiencing Groundswell’s Culture 

I came to learn that everything I heard about this company in my first interview with Groundswell was very accurate. Our People and Culture team is always there to support employees with any questions, even if it’s outside their role. I experienced and still appreciate how much attention the company pays to individuals, starting from day one when, when, you get a personalized gift box with a handwritten note! Now, how many people, let alone companies, still do that?  

Cookie decorating at the 2022 Holiday Party

One other important attribute of our company culture that I highly appreciate is that we celebrate different nationalities’ holidays. This is an opportunity to learn about other cultures, cuisine, and traditions while connecting with our colleagues. This is the part that makes having an impact on company culture so easy and natural. We work hard, but we put just as much effort into having fun and enjoying being together. I’m thrilled to be an active participant in this community and look forward to creating new experiences and memories in 2023 and beyond! 

I have enjoyed every moment of life in Vancouver since moving in the summer of 2021. The experience of moving to another country can be incredible and rewarding. My advice for others thinking about an adventure like this is to pack light and only take necessities. Be open to new experiences; explore unfamiliar places to meet new people and look for people who can be a part of your long-term community.

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