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International Women’s Month

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This International Women’s Month, we wanted to highlight a handful of the amazing women who make up Groundswell.

We are proud that 33% of our workforce are women. Although this is more than 5% higher than the average gender ratio in tech companies across Canada, there will always be ways we can improve to ensure Groundswell is an inclusive and safe workplace for every human.

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Penny Clark
Anpurna has a bit of a wave in her hair, a few highlights and a beaming smile on her face. Her eyebrows are thick and perfectly shaped and her hair on the left side is tucked behind her ear. This image of her is in black and white and she is on our People & Culture team here at Groundswell Cloud Solutions.

We can talk a lot about our inclusive culture, however, what is most impactful is showing you the actions to back up our words. Our dedicated DEI Slack channel prompts individuals to complete mini-activities that expand their diversity, equity, and inclusion knowledge. Our inclusive policies include generous parental leave and a hybrid work environment. We could go on about the variety of ways we promote and support our employees! If you want to learn more, please reach out to one of us on LinkedIn or email

Keep reading to hear from members of our team about their experience being a woman in the tech industry!

Meet Vaishnavi Sivaramakrishnan

Coming into this role, I was prepared to pave my way as a woman in tech, but I quickly found myself having thoughts of self-doubt and questioning my abilities.

It’s known that this feeling of imposter syndrome can be predominant in the male-dominated tech industry and, in particular, women in tech suffer from feeling like they don’t belong.

I feel grateful to be surrounded by people who encourage everyone’s voice to be heard and endorse great ideas that the women of Groundswell have. It has allowed me to grow and become confident in who I am in the industry while I’m still early in my career. 

What advice you would give your younger self?

I would tell my younger self to be confident and keep trying new things! Over time I’ve learned to keep putting my hand up for things I want and continue to break the bubble I feel safe in. This is something I continue to grow into and learn every day which has been super rewarding.

How about advice for males who want to support working women

I find it valuable when people give support by sharing the floor with women whose voices are heard less often. This can be by endorsing good ideas from women and making sure they get the credit or calling out when the room needs more voices.

Meet Maria Diz 

Being a woman in the technology industry can be both challenging and rewarding. It often entails being in the minority at school and in the workplace and facing obstacles such as gender bias, underrepresentation, fewer opportunities, and the famous imposter syndrome.

However, my professional journey hasn’t been entirely bleak. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with inspiring individuals who have believed in my talents and abilities and were a tremendous support in my growth. Moreover, I have found opportunities to contribute to narrowing the gender gap in the technology world. For example, I am a trainer for WomenForceIT, a program that helps women kickstart their careers in the Salesforce ecosystem, and a few years back I had the chance to lead the Women in Salesforce community in my country, which promotes professional networking and support for women in the same ecosystem.

Despite the low percentage of women in the technology industry and executive positions, initiatives like WomenForceIT and Women in Salesforce, along with the efforts of great leaders and increased awareness of the gender gap, are opening up many doors for women.

As a woman in technology, I value working in an environment that upholds my rights, offers fair and equal opportunities for career advancement, and values diversity and inclusion. I am fortunate to work for a company that is committed to creating a workplace culture that fosters respect and collaboration while providing equal opportunities for both men and women.

Everyone can contribute to reducing the gender gap. We can all create an inclusive environment that challenges gender stereotypes by advocating for women’s voices and recognizing our contributions. 

Meet Diyana Aidan 

What piece of advice would you give your younger self? 

I really enjoy and am passionate about my work as a woman in tech. I do admit that it is not always rainbows and butterflies. There have been lots of lessons learned. If I had the chance here is what I would tell my younger self: 

  1. Ask for what you want – no one is a mind reader.
  2. Have the courage to stand for what you believe – there is no benefit to doubting yourself.
  3. Take action – being afraid to do something hinders you from learning and growing.
  4. Find yourself a mentor – it’s always a good thing to have more than one mentor. However, having that one strong mentor who challenges you, inspires you, and genuinely wants to see you succeed is a necessity.

Meet Bernadette Bermudez

What has your experience been as a woman in the tech industry? 

My journey in tech has been an uphill battle. As someone taught to be humble growing up and as an immigrant, a woman, and a member of the visible minority, it was hard for me to believe that I could thrive in a male-dominated industry. But the world is changing, and more institutions are realizing and reaping the benefits of diverse workforces. 

Seeing women lead in their respective fields is empowering; reading success stories of female tech leaders has inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and continuously pursue personal and professional growth.

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