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Growing as a Technical Associate

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I joined Groundswell back in May 2021 as a Technical Associate. It was my first foray into the world of professional software development and my first exposure to the Salesforce platform. 

In the midst of a career change and my bachelor’s degree nearing completion, it was important for me to align with a company that allowed me to jumpstart my new career.  A company that allows new folks rapid exposure to new technologies and self-growth, as long as you put in the work.

I can happily say Groundswell has delivered on this and more. I was engaged in interesting projects within a few months, collaborating with mentors and learning a heck of a lot of cool stuff in a short time. The team provided whatever support I needed as I adjusted to the role, showcasing Groundswell’s values of Trust, Teamwork, and Passion.

Unlike Any Other Business

What I really appreciate about the role is the comprehensive exposure to both technical and business aspects of Salesforce. Our project teams here at Groundswell work closely with clients, allowing us to experience first-hand the impact of what we produce. It really bridges the gap between the code you write and the end-user experience, giving me great pride and ownership in the features I deliver.

Groundswell nurtures a community of talented people that value collaboration, open-mindedness, and growth. 

Everybody is always willing to support each other on projects or chat about technology or hobbies. It’s amazing to be surrounded by such talented, like-minded individuals that share knowledge and experience. Groundswell sponsors regular company outings, encouraging everybody to engage and learn from one another, all while having fun! 

Never a Dull Moment

Groundswell offers infinite opportunities for advancement, giving right back to the people what they put in. The diverse portfolio of ongoing and future client projects across a wide range of business sectors allows anybody with the creativity and drive to stand out. 

Learn more about Groundswell and develop your career as an associate today: Open Positions 

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