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We pride ourselves on having the right balance of work and life, but what if you connected with your coworkers so much you wanted to spend time with them outside of work? Is it impossible to think your team members can become your friends or even your roommate? 

Connecting with Coworkers 

You hear about your team’s weekend and what they do for fun, but what our designated Events Team does is bring people together that have similar interests by doing fun activities outside of work. It’s an opportunity to get to know your team on a more personal level. Especially as Groundswell grows, we understand the importance of bringing each other together. You might not work with some people daily, but perhaps you both love to ride bikes on a sunny day or dance to Spanish music. Our events are an open invitation. They are not “mandated fun” and are not one-size-fits-all. Not all activities hosted by the Events Team may spark your interest, and that is fine. It is entirely optional, and we are sure to have events that you do enjoy in the future. You are sure to find similar interests with your team along the way.  

In the past, we have held various events such as a picnic and swim at Cates Park, volleyball, curling, lawn bowling, hikes, a murder mystery party at Science World, Castle Fun Park and more! 

Escape Room 

Ten people stand in front of a framed poster that reads, "The Mystery at the Majestic Theatre" a couple of men hold signs that say "Mission complete" and "victory is ours" and "Legendary" and "Curses"

Iron Chef Challenge 

Male Team Member using a knife to chop things.  Hand towel thrown over his left shoulder. A rolling pin and avocado rest near by on the cutting board.

Events for 2020 

Since working from home, we have gotten creative in how we are connecting. We have done one on one virtual coffee meet-ups, gratitude boards, and created various Slack channels to share work-out routines and recipes. Team members have set up Minute-to-Win-It games, taught us pasta making, and, most recently, Irish dancing. We are a collaborative and solution-based company, and a pandemic won’t stop us from getting together and having fun. The Events Team is always looking for ideas and suggestions, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and suggest an activity that you love to do!

As we closely monitor Vancouver’s reopening plan, we are looking forward to planning social distanced in-person events. In the coming weeks, we have prepared a socially distanced picnic on two separate days so everyone can attend. We continue to do our part by wearing masks and staying mindful that this pandemic isn’t over yet, but we can still plan for the future. 

If this is the workplace and community you are looking for, apply today and join our team! Be a part of our upcoming events and even help drive the activities. 

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