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Career Progression At Groundswell

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At Groundswell, we’re passionate about helping people succeed—whether that’s by partnering with our customers to help solve their most complex business challenges, or by supporting our team members as they strive to achieve their professional goals. We’re proud of what Groundswellers have accomplished as part of our team—including Yanisa Chinitsarayos. Yanisa came to us as a Consultant Intern and has grown into the position of full-time client-facing consultant. Here’s her story. 

Finding the Passion

It was in the Summer of 2018, just a few years before I’d attain my Engineering degree, that I realized I wanted to explore the areas outside my field of study. Compared to most of the students in my class, I wasn’t the most technical one in the crowd. Rather than finding interests in the finer details of engineering development, I often found myself more intrigued in seeing a big picture of things. I liked to envision if the applications that I implemented for class projects could address real-life business challenges. Given a chance to apply for an internship, I knew I still wanted to be involved in the tech industry—considering my university background—and I wanted to get some exposure to the world of business at the same time. 

Pursuing the Passion

I started working at Groundswell as a Consultant Intern after going through an intensive period of job searching to make sure that the responsibilities I would take on would fit my career goals in the long run. It was at Groundswell that I was able to discover the immediate connection between business and IT. I found myself doing what I wanted to do—bridging the gap between business and technology. I was supporting digital transformation projects with complex use cases alongside people who were passionate about what they did and had the technical expertise. After working at Groundswell for a few months, I felt like I’d finally landed a job that matched my passion, and I’d set myself a goal to seek growth opportunities.

My Career Journey

Because Salesforce and its ecosystem were new to me at the time, I was very fortunate to be part of the team that provided me with guidance and mentorship since day one. My knowledge of the Salesforce platform steadily increased as I had the opportunities to develop my Salesforce configuration skills. I also got a chance to participate in an in-depth functional case study. As a result, I was able to obtain my first Salesforce certification shortly after I transitioned into a full-time Consultant in 2019.

The progression from an Intern to a full-time position felt very natural to me because of the encouragement and training opportunities I received from Groundswell. I felt like I was equipped with the necessary skills to become a client-facing consultant near the end of my internship. What drove me to focus on growth opportunities were the 1:1 meetings I had with my manager. These 1:1 meetings allowed me to evaluate my current skills and role-specific competencies. I was able to identify what my career aspirations were regularly and co-create a skill development plan with my manager. I’ve learned to take on more challenging tasks as a full-time employee, knowing that my team will always be there to provide inputs and actionable feedback when I run into difficulties. Groundswell has inspired me to explore the linkage between business & technology and worked alongside me to carve out a plan for how I can achieve my goals.

Advancing Your Career At Groundswell

At Groundswell, we create flexible career paths that enable people to move up or across, depending on their passion. We break each role down into its core competencies (the observable abilities and knowledge needed for successful job performance). These competencies—or skills—are a powerful metric to help people understand how to thrive in their current role and what areas to focus on to get to where they want to go.

We carve out dedicated time to focus on identifying and working to achieve your goals. Groundswell dreams big for our customers and team members. We work together to make our dreams become a reality.

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