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What Makes Us a Top RCG Salesforce Partner?

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Choosing the right Salesforce Partner is a big commitment: who are you going to trust side-by-side with your customer? Making such a big decision can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be: what if you had a partner ready to jump in to provide demos and industry insights, one who will tailor to your branding and business terminology and who will support planning with in-depth knowledge of the retail and consumer industries?

Groundswell Cloud Solutions can provide this and much more. We have spent over 200,000 hours working to transform retail organizations with some of the most well-known retail brands, across a range of retail categories, and in over 45 languages.

Few Key Reasons We’re One of Salesforce’s Top RCG Partners

What puts Groundswell at the front of the pack is our delivery process. We’re laser-focused on customer efficiency, transparency, and communication. You’ll always know how we’re allocating time, with plenty of opportunities for you to review progress and help iterate on the finished solution.

We are, first and foremost, a true partner you can trust – not just another vendor. We’re aligned with your processes and needs from day one on, and we make sure you know exactly what you’re buying. As your partner, we provide a set of deliverables that become the foundation of all future projects from the very start. We also invest and understand your long-term organizational goals and enable your success. We give you training and resources, so you’re always set up for the future. 

Salesforce and the business landscape are ever-changing; we’re here to advise you through it all. Harnessing the power of the cloud, ​​we’ll help you integrate Salesforce seamlessly into your customers’ existing technology stack. Learn more about our services here.

#1 – A RCG Salesforce Partner with Boutique Agility & Enterprise Level-Ability

What makes us skilled and different from other Salesforce partners? 

Here are a few key differences between a generic Salesforce partner and our expertise:

Groundswell Cloud Solutions logo versus a Generic Salesforce Partner logo

Investment to understand long-term organizational goals.
We help clients through their Digital Transformation Journey from start to well past the finish line.
We adapt to your business processes, which means a shorter ramp-up time, so projects get off the ground sooner.

Focused on the short-term “win,” not the long-term of the business.
Estimation and analysis without significant investment lead to change orders and red accounts.

Fixated on the next engagement.

#2 – A RCG Salesforce Partner with a Truly Agile Approach 

Another way we stand out is Groundswell’s singular commitment to an authentically Agile approach. Within Agile Methodology are various permutations (SCRUM, SAFe, Spiral, etc.), and Groundswell works with clients to define a framework and process tailored to their organization and the type of project. Smaller projects can be done using shorter sprints and smaller planning sessions. In contrast, more substantial projects might demand multiple scrum teams and more extensive planning sessions to identify dependencies and a governance board for oversight.

This collaborative delivery model enables us to forge strong relationships with your in-house teams and encourages involvement and empowers your organizations to become more productive through Agile delivery.

Our firm’s size and structure mean we’re nimble enough to quickly take your project to the finish line, adapting to the best methods for your team.

Our Agile delivery process is proven to increase team output, shorten the testing time, improve collaboration, establish higher predictability, and enhance team satisfaction.

A screenshot of Groundswell Cloud Solutions' Agile Methodology Training Package

#3 – One of the Top Digital Partners for the Retail Industry 

What makes us one of the top digital partners for retail is, first and foremost, our expertise. We are always thinking of the end user and ways to make their experience the best, and have been doing so for more than a decade. 

Even as the world is changing, one thing is for sure; the retail industry isn’t going anywhere. We’re primed with the capacity and agility to help your business expand its accounts, build customer trust, and focus on long-term growth. We can help you elevate your retail business to its fullest potential. Salesforce is a transformative solution built to scale for years to come. 

Having the correct data leads to better and more informed decisions. We work closely with retailers to implement easy-to-use reporting and dashboards. Your team at all levels will be able to analyze business metrics and measure performance across targets. But please: don’t take our word for it! Hear from retail industry leaders who have partnered with us for long-term success.

#4 – One of the Top Digital Partners for the Consumer Goods Industry 

According to Salesforce, we are one of the top partners in the Consumer Goods Industry. We believe it’s because of our vast experience with Consumer Goods clients. View our success stories here

With countless clients in this industry, we have continually grown alongside our partners over the past ten years. We keep the consumer goods industry competitive by leveraging Salesforce to enhance its digital processes. 

Comprehensive knowledge of Salesforce’s platform and product suite is our highest priority. We love to innovate with this technically vast and revolutionary technology. See the difference for yourself and contact us today.

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