Meet the
Engagement Team

The Engagement Team includes sales and marketing. We provide an accurate, holistic representation of Groundswell’s purpose – being an enabler of success. We are typically the first point of contact for a customer, and their happiness is very important to our team.

What we do

We work directly with the Salesforce account team and client sponsors to determine the scope of the engagement. Our team’s ultimate goal is to make our customers, Salesforce, and Groundswell successful. For any questions, we’re just a phone call away.

Our daily purpose

We are first and foremost Salesforce experts, but we have a deep technological understanding outside of the platform. Our team is friendly, passionate, and always eager to help our clients succeed. This includes:

  • Maintaining relationships long after signed documents
  • Staying on top of industry trends 
  • Understanding how Salesforce can transform the top line or bottom line
  • Being a trusted advisor for clients
  • Staying up to date on a client’s business and their project
  • Answering any questions about a potential, current, or future project

Insights from our team

Hear from some of our Engagement team members to learn why they love working at Groundswell.

Richard Bradfield is an Engagement Lead on the Engagement Team here at Groundswell

Richard Bradfield

Engagement Lead

Saul Sigalov is an Account Executive on the Engagement team here at Groundswell

Saul Sigalov

Account Executive

Kathryn Hall is a Sr. Marketing Coordinator on the Engagement team

Kathryn Hall

Sr. Marketing Coordinator

Richard Bradfield,
Engagement Lead

I love interacting with such a diverse group of people as we engage in new opportunities. Every interaction and discovery helps me better grasp a particular industry […] and gives me new perspectives. It allows me to develop a more rounded approach to help our customers with the best possible solutions.

Saul Sigalov,
Account Executive

The experience I’ve accumulated selling complex technology solutions over the past seven years, along with the values Groundswell embodies, puts me in the perfect position to continue my personal growth, while also creating long-term value for our customers. I love the opportunity to work with today’s business leaders, and alongside Salesforce, come up with creative technology solutions that foster positive change. But what I love most is being a part of this team.

Kathryn Hall,
Sr. Marketing Coordinator

Groundswell put trust in me and bolstered my confidence like no other place I have worked at, and to me, their values say it all. I could not have gotten the growth I have experienced anywhere else. I have expanded my knowledge of branding and marketing, going from 8 years in D2C to tech consulting, and I’m so grateful that Groundswell allows my creativity to thrive.

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