Your path to becoming
a Groundsweller

Get to know our interviewing process and become a Groundswell in 7 easy steps! We’re on a search to find the best people to add to our team. Through each stage we’ll get to know each other and see if the position is a good match for you.

Step one of our interviewing process is submitting your resume! Our recruitment team will review your resume within two weeks and let you know.

Submit your application

Our recruitment team will review your resume within two weeks and let you know whether we’ll be moving forward with your application.

Step two of our interviewing process is we reach out to you from our Talent Acquisition team.

Interviewing Process with our Talent Acquisition Team

A member of our recruitment team will reach out to you to schedule a video conversation to learn more about you and share more information about the role.

step three of our interviewing process

Conversation with the Hiring Team

You’ll interview with a few Groundswellers who will ask you a few questions about your experience and the role. This is also a great time to explore why they love working for Groundswell!

Interviewing Process step four is a conversation with the Hiring Manager.

Conversation with the Hiring Manager

You will have the opportunity to meet with the hiring manager to continue the conversation and answer any more questions you have about the role.

step five of our interviewing process

Mini Assignment Creation/Presentation  

You may be asked to prepare a short presentation that allows you to put your skills and experience into action. This would be a face-to-face interview wherever possible so you can have a chance to meet some of the team members in person! But not to worry, you will have ample time to prepare for this assignment in advance, so you can put your best foot forward.

step six of our interviewing process

Decision Time

Hopefully after the hiring team debriefs, they will be in contact with you for an offer. If not, we will ensure we take the time to provide you meaningful feedback from our interview process.

step seven of our interviewing process is going through new hire onboarding process and meeting the team!

New Hire Onboarding

Once you have accepted the offer, our recruitment team will introduce you to our onboarding team to give you all the information you need before your first day including a welcome “swag box”!

Insights from our team

Hear from some of our People & Culture team members to learn why they love working at Groundswell.

Rachita Jain has a big smile on her face and long dark hair. Rachita is our Indian recruiter based in Toronto and the image of her is in black and white.

Rachita Jain

Senior Technical Recruiter

Anpurna has a bit of a wave in her hair, a few highlights and a beaming smile on her face. Her eyebrows are thick and perfectly shaped and her hair on the left side is tucked behind her ear. This image of her is in black and white and she is on our People & Culture team here at Groundswell Cloud Solutions.

Anpurna Lavingia

People & Culture Coordinator

Rachita Jain,
Senior Technical Recruiter

My favorite part of my job is that it involves connecting with a variety of people from different industries, cultures, backgrounds and skillsets. It is never boring!

Anpurna Lavingia,
People & Culture Coordinator

The culture at Groundswell is unlike anything I’ve experienced in past roles. I’m grateful to work with a team that is so passionate about creating a really enjoyable work environment while providing support to one another. Having a positive employee experience is something that is really important to me, so I’m really excited to be working for a company that truly values this, and that I can contribute to it as well!
Interviewing with Groundswell and understanding our culture wave


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