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Marketing Cloud Bootcamp: Training for Excellence & Customer Success

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When I first joined Groundswell, I was immediately impressed by how much we value training our employees. Last year, I was lucky enough to have been one of the first to participate when Groundswell launched Camp ProSurf, a holistic training program that includes culture, technology, and processes to get us set up for success as Salesforce consultants. More than 50 consultants worldwide have participated in Camp ProSurf and have gone ahead to make waves in their respective roles. Inspired by Camp ProSurf’s success story, we launched a new training program called the Marketing Cloud Bootcamp to bolster Groundswell as a center for excellence in Marketing Cloud. 

Virtual Marketing Cloud Bootcamp class.
Consultants from our Global Delivery Centre attending a virtual Marketing Cloud Bootcamp class.

The Marketing Cloud Bootcamp aims to upskill our talent and provide trainees with the necessary knowledge and preparation for a full-scale implementation of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud portfolio. It is also an opportunity for associates and new grads to internalize marketing principles and best practices. This awareness is essential: Groundswell Marketing Cloud consultants are true marketing experts, not just teaching baseline knowledge of Salesforce systems and features but also training on best practices according to ever-changing industry trends. This is why the Bootcamp is conducted by seasoned consultants who have extensive experience as former marketing managers. The curriculum is a mix of theoretical knowledge, use cases, and hands-on exercises that are relevant to high-performing marketing organizations.

Path to Certified Marketing Cloud Professionals

Groundswell’s Marketing Cloud Bootcamp has four parts, each tailored to trainees’ experience level. First is Marketing Cloud Basics, an introductory class suited for consultants without prior experience in implementing any Marketing Cloud product. It is a regular fixture in Camp ProSurf so that any consultant, whether they are planning to specialize in Marketing Cloud or not, can gain basic knowledge about the Marketing Cloud portfolio.

The next three parts of the Bootcamp, namely the Marketing Cloud Administrator Track, Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Track, and Marketing Cloud Developer Track, are all focused on getting our consultants certified in Marketing Cloud.

What makes this Bootcamp unique is the application of the Marketing Cloud Team’s wealth of experience implementing different marketing solutions across various industries. We designed the use cases, hands-on exercises, and mock projects after real-life scenarios and client user training. This approach gives the trainees not just technical and practical knowledge of the platform but also acumen in marketing strategy and discipline: from the why, to the how.

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The Proof Is In The Pudding

Already, Groundswell’s investment in training and enablement is proving worthwhile. We gained ten new Marketing Cloud certifications within just a few months, with a 100% passing rate in the exams. Because of this success, we will soon be launching a spin-off, namely, the Bootcamp for Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot). The Marketing Cloud Team is also certified in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) and has successfully implemented the platform for enterprise companies. With this new program, we will diversify our team’s skill set and, in turn, continue to add to our capabilities. 

Customer Success In Marketing

Most importantly, this training initiative not only benefits our team – but also benefits our clients. For example, Shaklee, a leader in health & wellness, is one of several of our clients we’ve helped empower as Marketing Cloud users through education and training. 

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